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Today’s Daily Post made me chuckle because it’s such an inane thing. However a question I hate to be asked is the casual ‘how are you?’ that is prompted after you see someone in the morning and have already said hello. I got this a lot when I worked for a bigger company. I’d pass someone in the hall and here’s how it’d go down:

Them “Morning”
Me “Good Morning”
Them” How are you?”
Me “I’m good, how are you?”
No response because they are halfway down the hall.

When passing someone there is really only time for a call and a response (and maybe another call) so instead of asking how you’re doing perhaps say have a good day. Same amount of time without the added benefit of leaving the person you’re talking to hanging. 10_SketchIn fact, this type of thing has become a pet peeve, it even made it into my sketchbook as a pet peeve.

That’s it. So as silly as it is, the question that I hate to be asked is ‘how am I’ because in the  past I’ve been asked it SO many times by people who don’t really care (and in turn wouldn’t listen or respond when I asked).

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