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fjordsDaily Prompt: What’s the 11th item on  your bucket list?

Last spring my friend and I actually wrote out our bucket lists. I have since lost mine. I’m a rock star that way. So until I rewrite the thing (which I need to do so I can start crossing things off) I’ll just wing it. I do recall that seeing the fjords of Norway was on it. I’m not sure why, but ever since seventh grade geography I’ve had the longing to see the fjords. It probably has something to do with a fact that our teacher taught us, that I sadly have forgotten. So if I ever do my tour of Europe I’ll be sure to stop there. Perhaps I could do a Scandinavian-Slavic loop. That would be a little different right? The problem is it’s not like I can take two months off work. And to put even a small dent in all the places I want to see in Europe I’d need a long time off. So that may never work out. Prioritizing will have to happen.

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