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In 2011 I was laid-off. Despite some of my good qualities I can be really really obtuse and I was completely blind-sided when it happened. Thus being the circumstance I wasn’t quite sure what to do. I knew one thing for sure, I needed my mom to be at the house when I arrived (because deep down, aren’t there always instances when you just need your parents, you never grow out of that). I broke it to my parents and then holed myself away for the rest of the day. I sat in my room not knowing what to do. I thought, I’ve been out of school a year, perhaps I should go back, get my MA and then return to the workforce. After a couple days of minutes that seemed like hours I ran away to my sister’s to play nanny to my six month old nephew. Now I know running away from your problems isn’t a solution, but sometimes distance helps. It certainly did for me. As it turns out, someone was looking out for me. By being laid-off I was released from my non-compete agreement so when, out of the blue, a print shop called me (about three days before my time was up as nanny) to come in and interview I could happily say yes. I stepped in that office and haven’t looked back. Now, eighteen months later, I’m still happily employed and honestly have the best coworkers in the world. It may be cornball to say, but they really have become like family. They’re my town family now (isn’t there some old joke about a guy with his town family and his country family?), and I love ‘em to pieces.

Anyway, thanks DP for the prompt, for other solutions/situations of helplessness check out the prompt page.

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