You choose the adventure. What will happen next? LOVE this idea from DP.


I tried my best to wrestle out of his grip as he threw me into the car. Quickly he tied my belt so I couldn’t undo it before he got to the drivers seat. We peeled out and the ruckus behind us was gone. Fuming I glared at my rescuer.

“What,” he stated, not really caring one way or the other as he swerved in and out of lanes.

“Take me back,” I said flatly.

Scoffing he spat, “Yeah that is not going to happen.”

“I’m serious Mikael.”

“So am I Rina.”

“I need to know where he is being held.”

“And what use will you be to him when you are a bloody pulp?”

“They were telling me everything I needed while they beat me.”


We drove in complete silence for half an hour. The sound of road and rubber slowly ebbed my anger away and I began to wipe the blood from my face. Without truly acknowledging what I was doing Mikael flipped open the glove box to reveal baby wipes and bandages. I dropped the mirror and butterflied my eyebrow back together and did what I could for my swollen eye. As I replaced all the items I noticed the gun and knives in the box. Duplicates of the ones I had lost back at warehouse. The car slowed and the grounding of gravel started in. Looking up I saw a long drive that ended in a mansion. Mikael finally met my eyes raising his eyebrow.

Whispering I finally broke the silence of the car, “You may want to leave, you wont like what I’m about to do.”


What happens next? You decide, leave a comment on what (in your head) happens next.