Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

You may be wondering why I chose ‘Q the Adult’ as my blog title. It’s both simple and slightly complicated, as is everything in life. My last name starts with a Q and I am of an age where most people consider others this age to be an ‘adult’. You could end it there but if you take it one step further you’ll see it’s more reflective of who I am (or at least what my interests are).

My family likes to play off the Q sounding like ‘cue’ a lot. For Christmas (or any gifts really) if an item hasn’t arrived we wrap Qpons instead of coupons. My Aunt once sent us a ThanQ card rather than a Thank you card (perhaps it should have been ThaneQ, but that wouldn’t have been as cute).

I have always enjoyed theater which gives cues to it’s actors (a personal reflection of my interests in the title). The dictionary defines the word cue as:
1) A signal, such as a word or action, used to prompt another event in a performance, such as an actor’s speech or entrance, a change in lighting, or a sound effect.
2)  a. A reminder or prompting.
b. A hint or suggestion.

So if you translate my blog name it’s the prompting or suggestion for ‘adulthood’ to occur. Since this blog is (sometimes) about me exploring what it means to me to be an adult, it feels quite fitting. So there you have it. My blog name quickly deciphered.

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