Weekend Update: Mirror, Mirror – Memphis – Fort

As I expected, having an unknown (or perhaps low) expectation of the movie proved to workout. I enjoyed Mirror, Mirror very much. I really liked the costuming for the various party scenes, especially the costume ball. It was also a different experience going to the theater here. It theater is an actual theater ie has an actual stage and curtain. My favorite part may have been at the beginning of the movie when the curtain raised up to reveal the screen. Fun times.

Saturday too, was a blast. This time going to the musical without knowing exactly what it was about ended well. (Last year I went to a play not having a clue what it was about and it ended up being about a very dysfunctional family. The mother was actually crazy and had her memories erased via electroshock. Not the best surprise in the world. A very heavy musical, that’s for sure.) This one had its moments too, since it took place in the south during the 50s and revolved around a white man and black woman. I really enjoyed it, the actors were great.

Today I made my fort, which was super fun…but a bit of a fail. It collapsed after 6 hours or so. Turns out fish line can’t hold up 4 sheets plus a handful of pillowcases. It was super fun having it up until it fell though and I’ve learned a bit from my mistake. Like if I want to use fish line, perhaps use more than one strand. Might be good to double it up…a couple times. I have left pillowland up though, It’s super squish and comfy.I think I’ll go read more of my book there, so until next time~Q

I WILL build a fort this weekend

So a couple of weeks ago I finally got my guestroom/project room clean and in order. It hadn’t been fully settled since I moved in. While getting that room in order I realized I had lots and lots of sheets. I’m not sure if my subconscious has been brewing the idea since that cleaning but I have a strong belief that that room is going to be transformed into a giant fort this weekend. I’m actually really excited. I might have to have it span into the living room as well.

I almost wish I could cancel my plans for tonight and tomorrow afternoon so I could just focus on this. But to do that I would have to cancel on both of my parents (individually) and that isn’t something I relish. On a related note, I’ll be going to the movies with my mum and the theater with my dad. My mum and I are going to Mirror, Mirror.

*This paragraph has now been interrupted by a tangent.
You will be returned to the regularly typed  paragraph afterwards.*
Although I realize Snow White and the Huntsmen and Mirror, Mirror have two different focuses (one more action-y the other a comedy) It’s hard not to make comparisons since they are both about Snow White. I think I’m more excited for the former. However maybe I’ll be surprised. Sometimes when you think something isn’t going to be all that great, it shocks you by being alright. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.*

It’s also the first time I’ll be going to the movies in my new town (it’s a block from my apartment and I still haven’t been. In my defense it only has 3 showings/week. Starts at 7 on the weekends (and occasionally they skip the Sunday show). An adventure at any rate.

Tomorrow my dad and I will head to the capitol to see the musical Memphis. I don’t really know what it’s about. My dad said its something about a Caucasian guy who moves to the south to be a DJ and wants to play music sung by African Americans. It causes a stir, but how on earth will it be resolved?

So obviously I can’t cancel on either one, but I really really want to work on my fort! It’s even suppose to be rainy tomorrow. The perfect weather for staying home and building forts, not driving for a couple hours. However, the rain keeps getting pushed back and I feel Sundays are probably even more perfect for fort building. BOOM compromise. Perhaps I’ll turn my four poster into a fort…that’d make sense (as if any of this makes sense).

I’m not sure where this fort desire came from. It’s not like I was that into forts as a kid. And I only had a pans & pot drum set once. Maybe that’s why though right? Seriously though, who doesn’t like a good fort? The summer after I graduated I went to a birthday party where we drank wine in a fort. I don’t think anything can quite top that birthday. Forts are just magical places in an of themselves. Maybe I’ll even set up my pots and pans in my house fort, but most likely not.

Pictures or blueprints to follow sometime, so until next time~Q

Mailbox Macgyver

What do you do when you live in an apartment and the postman has left 2 packages for you in your box and you can’t get them out?

I was faced with this very quandary this evening. I got home after work (after the post office was already closed) to find that I had received 2 packages. My excitement was quickly dampened when I discovered I could not extract my mail. I tried tugging and turning the boxes but they were the exact width of the box. Since the door to my box was slightly smaller, this proved to be quite a nuisance. I felt like I was about to break the entire row of boxes trying to extract the boxes. Grudgingly I shut and locked my box and headed up to my apartment. As I went I tried to decide if I could wait until the next day and call the postmaster to explain the dilemma. I didn’t think I could, and earlier this year I had to talk to him about a misplaced package. I’m all for supporting the postal system, but I don’t like actually talking to ‘the system’. Waiting was not an option.

Once I got to my apartment I was faced with an additional problem, how to get the mail out? The most obvious solution seemed to be to hack the boxes up. The new problem: How do you carry a kitchen knife down the hall to the small entryway/door without looking a bit psychotic? Answer: pray no one comes because I don’t think there is one. Luckily I made it down to the boxes without any of my neighbors seeing me, there I was able to cut the boxes, compromising their structural integrity, and get my packages. All without anyone coming or going.

My anonymity is quite important within the building. I’ve only met one other tenant and I didn’t want the others remembering me as the crazy knife lady, that just doesn’t sound cool. Well it may sound cool, but the reality doesn’t seem that desirable. I’d much rather meet the neighbors on more normal terms. Now that I’ve macgyvered* my mail out of the box I’m going to go pretend I know how to make ravioli. Well just the filling really, I use won-ton wrappers for the outside.

*That’s not really fair to Macgyver. He would have been able to disassemble the box with a handy toothpick in a way that it was usable afterwords. Not the case with my ‘solution’.

Time to cook (I’ll review sometime this week-once I’ve had leftovers of course)! Until next time ~ Q

Cooking and Leftovers

Being single, leftovers are a way of life. There are only so many single serving meals/recipes out there and how many deli sandwiches can one consume before they go crazy. Or frozen meals for that matter.

Recently I’ve gotten it in my head that I’m a gourmet chef who knows how to create recipes on the fly. The reality is I’m a mad cook who has a strong stomach. I’ve come to realize that how something reheats is just as important as how it tastes at the original meal of consumption.

So, for me, there are three factors a meal must have to be considered truly awesome.

  1. Taste good the first time
  2. Holds together and tastes good after reheating it for the second, third or fourth meal
  3. Tastes good cold

This last stipulation is key. Sometimes you don’t want to wait for the oven to warm up or even the microwave. Every now and then you just want to say, “Skip it, I’m hungry. I’ll eat it as is.” When you find that leftover tupperware and discover the food its holding doesn’t taste terrible cold, in fact it tastes just as good as it did hot, than that recipe is a keeper. Hello, cold pizza anyone? That stuff is amazing and really  who hasn’t woken up the morning after a party and decided nothing could be a more fitting breakfast than cold pizza.

As usual I digress but that’s how I see it. The three factors anyway, not the pizza. So until next time ~ Q

An introduction, of sorts

I once watched a web-show called quarterlife (or something along those lines). It was about a group of friends all in their 20s who were somewhat freaking out because they had no clue what to do with themselves. Turns out that ‘the quarterlife crisis’ – similar to a mid-life crisis – is effecting more and more people. At the time I didn’t really get why, I mean you’ve just graduated college, you are finally independent, you have the rest of your life to live. This was my thinking as a high school, now on the other side of college and facing my quarter-century birthday in  six weeks time, I get it a bit more.

Up until this point (I guess the beginning of college perhaps, to some extent) my life has been fairly clearly defined by who I was within a set group of peers, i.e. my classmates in school. Which makes sense, when you spend most of 13 years with set people and it’s easy to know and understand where you belong on the social scale. In college you start to break that mold, if you wish, and you make mistakes, or as I try to view them ‘life lessons’. Once you get that degree though, another time of transition begins and this one is more permanent. It’s time to decide who you are going to be, now that the excuse of juvenile behavior and college tom-foolery have been spent for the last time.

I’m currently reading a book (I read a LOT) where one of the characters chewed out another, informing him that he is nothing. When he tried to refute this he found that he couldn’t describe himself. I thought the first character was uber harsh, but perhaps that’s because I was identifying to much with the second. I paused a moment from reading and tried to think of how I would describe myself. Which brings me right back to my underlying theme: who am I? I feel like everyone has these thoughts at some point, perhaps it’s part of the human condition, trying to figure out your place in the world. But if you’ve ever been in a plane and looked down at a town, you’d realize your place in the world isn’t necessarily, all that big. However, despite the size, it’s all you have.

Apparently my rambling is turning into something akin to emo-whining, which is NOT the purpose of this, so switching gears again!

*A clear warning: if the first three paragraphs don’t clue you in enough,
I have issues organizing my thoughts. Hopefully bits within paragraphs
will flow from one to another with little issues, but that will certainly not
be the case from paragraph to paragraph. Unfortunate.
Also, I overuse the word ‘so’ as a transition.*

The purpose of this (finally getting to the point) is to figure out who the adult me is. As a kid I was as outgoing as they come, always left the playground having made a new friend. 20 years later and the thought of having to talk to someone I don’t know with no wing-person makes me borderline nauseated. So, perhaps, by recapping my exploits I’ll be able to discern a pattern. A pattern that, once reviewed, will help me answer the question: who am I?

Looking forward to finding out, until next time ~ Q