Cooking and Leftovers

Being single, leftovers are a way of life. There are only so many single serving meals/recipes out there and how many deli sandwiches can one consume before they go crazy. Or frozen meals for that matter.

Recently I’ve gotten it in my head that I’m a gourmet chef who knows how to create recipes on the fly. The reality is I’m a mad cook who has a strong stomach. I’ve come to realize that how something reheats is just as important as how it tastes at the original meal of consumption.

So, for me, there are three factors a meal must have to be considered truly awesome.

  1. Taste good the first time
  2. Holds together and tastes good after reheating it for the second, third or fourth meal
  3. Tastes good cold

This last stipulation is key. Sometimes you don’t want to wait for the oven to warm up or even the microwave. Every now and then you just want to say, “Skip it, I’m hungry. I’ll eat it as is.” When you find that leftover tupperware and discover the food its holding doesn’t taste terrible cold, in fact it tastes just as good as it did hot, than that recipe is a keeper. Hello, cold pizza anyone? That stuff is amazing and really  who hasn’t woken up the morning after a party and decided nothing could be a more fitting breakfast than cold pizza.

As usual I digress but that’s how I see it. The three factors anyway, not the pizza. So until next time ~ Q


2 thoughts on “Cooking and Leftovers

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