Mailbox Macgyver

What do you do when you live in an apartment and the postman has left 2 packages for you in your box and you can’t get them out?

I was faced with this very quandary this evening. I got home after work (after the post office was already closed) to find that I had received 2 packages. My excitement was quickly dampened when I discovered I could not extract my mail. I tried tugging and turning the boxes but they were the exact width of the box. Since the door to my box was slightly smaller, this proved to be quite a nuisance. I felt like I was about to break the entire row of boxes trying to extract the boxes. Grudgingly I shut and locked my box and headed up to my apartment. As I went I tried to decide if I could wait until the next day and call the postmaster to explain the dilemma. I didn’t think I could, and earlier this year I had to talk to him about a misplaced package. I’m all for supporting the postal system, but I don’t like actually talking to ‘the system’. Waiting was not an option.

Once I got to my apartment I was faced with an additional problem, how to get the mail out? The most obvious solution seemed to be to hack the boxes up. The new problem: How do you carry a kitchen knife down the hall to the small entryway/door without looking a bit psychotic? Answer: pray no one comes because I don’t think there is one. Luckily I made it down to the boxes without any of my neighbors seeing me, there I was able to cut the boxes, compromising their structural integrity, and get my packages. All without anyone coming or going.

My anonymity is quite important within the building. I’ve only met one other tenant and I didn’t want the others remembering me as the crazy knife lady, that just doesn’t sound cool. Well it may sound cool, but the reality doesn’t seem that desirable. I’d much rather meet the neighbors on more normal terms. Now that I’ve macgyvered* my mail out of the box I’m going to go pretend I know how to make ravioli. Well just the filling really, I use won-ton wrappers for the outside.

*That’s not really fair to Macgyver. He would have been able to disassemble the box with a handy toothpick in a way that it was usable afterwords. Not the case with my ‘solution’.

Time to cook (I’ll review sometime this week-once I’ve had leftovers of course)! Until next time ~ Q


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