I WILL build a fort this weekend

So a couple of weeks ago I finally got my guestroom/project room clean and in order. It hadn’t been fully settled since I moved in. While getting that room in order I realized I had lots and lots of sheets. I’m not sure if my subconscious has been brewing the idea since that cleaning but I have a strong belief that that room is going to be transformed into a giant fort this weekend. I’m actually really excited. I might have to have it span into the living room as well.

I almost wish I could cancel my plans for tonight and tomorrow afternoon so I could just focus on this. But to do that I would have to cancel on both of my parents (individually) and that isn’t something I relish. On a related note, I’ll be going to the movies with my mum and the theater with my dad. My mum and I are going to Mirror, Mirror.

*This paragraph has now been interrupted by a tangent.
You will be returned to the regularly typed  paragraph afterwards.*
Although I realize Snow White and the Huntsmen and Mirror, Mirror have two different focuses (one more action-y the other a comedy) It’s hard not to make comparisons since they are both about Snow White. I think I’m more excited for the former. However maybe I’ll be surprised. Sometimes when you think something isn’t going to be all that great, it shocks you by being alright. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.*

It’s also the first time I’ll be going to the movies in my new town (it’s a block from my apartment and I still haven’t been. In my defense it only has 3 showings/week. Starts at 7 on the weekends (and occasionally they skip the Sunday show). An adventure at any rate.

Tomorrow my dad and I will head to the capitol to see the musical Memphis. I don’t really know what it’s about. My dad said its something about a Caucasian guy who moves to the south to be a DJ and wants to play music sung by African Americans. It causes a stir, but how on earth will it be resolved?

So obviously I can’t cancel on either one, but I really really want to work on my fort! It’s even suppose to be rainy tomorrow. The perfect weather for staying home and building forts, not driving for a couple hours. However, the rain keeps getting pushed back and I feel Sundays are probably even more perfect for fort building. BOOM compromise. Perhaps I’ll turn my four poster into a fort…that’d make sense (as if any of this makes sense).

I’m not sure where this fort desire came from. It’s not like I was that into forts as a kid. And I only had a pans & pot drum set once. Maybe that’s why though right? Seriously though, who doesn’t like a good fort? The summer after I graduated I went to a birthday party where we drank wine in a fort. I don’t think anything can quite top that birthday. Forts are just magical places in an of themselves. Maybe I’ll even set up my pots and pans in my house fort, but most likely not.

Pictures or blueprints to follow sometime, so until next time~Q


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