Weekend Update: Mirror, Mirror – Memphis – Fort

As I expected, having an unknown (or perhaps low) expectation of the movie proved to workout. I enjoyed Mirror, Mirror very much. I really liked the costuming for the various party scenes, especially the costume ball. It was also a different experience going to the theater here. It theater is an actual theater ie has an actual stage and curtain. My favorite part may have been at the beginning of the movie when the curtain raised up to reveal the screen. Fun times.

Saturday too, was a blast. This time going to the musical without knowing exactly what it was about ended well. (Last year I went to a play not having a clue what it was about and it ended up being about a very dysfunctional family. The mother was actually crazy and had her memories erased via electroshock. Not the best surprise in the world. A very heavy musical, that’s for sure.) This one had its moments too, since it took place in the south during the 50s and revolved around a white man and black woman. I really enjoyed it, the actors were great.

Today I made my fort, which was super fun…but a bit of a fail. It collapsed after 6 hours or so. Turns out fish line can’t hold up 4 sheets plus a handful of pillowcases. It was super fun having it up until it fell though and I’ve learned a bit from my mistake. Like if I want to use fish line, perhaps use more than one strand. Might be good to double it up…a couple times. I have left pillowland up though, It’s super squish and comfy.I think I’ll go read more of my book there, so until next time~Q


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