Carrot Ravioli – fav or fail?

Last week I made ravioli. It’s a mixed bag on whether or not it was a fail. I started making everything on Tuesday. I decided since I had a ton of carrots to make carrot ravioli as well as sweet potato. I didn’t take into account that I’d have to bake/boil everything to get it to mashing consistency. By the time I got both fillings mashed and mixed with ricotta and cheese and the carrot ravioli stuffed it was too late to cook to eat that night. I didn’t even bother with the sweet potato. Instead I put everything in the fridge and called it a night. A bit of a mistake. The next evening after I stuffed the sweet potato ravioli I decided to freeze them since I had a ton of carrot ravioli. So I put the potato in the freezer and took out the carrot from the fridge. I flipped the container and out splatted a blob of mess.

Slice 1 = mashed carrot
Slice 2 = mashed sweet potato
Slice 3 = carrot concoction

Slice 4 = potato mixture
Slice 5 = carrot ravioli
Slice 6 = sweet potato ravioli

Slice 7 = wrapped ravioli
Slice 8 = sweet potato finished (left) & carrot finished (right blob)

Perhaps now I should mention that I didn’t make the ravioli part, just the filling. Instead I used won ton wrappers. I’ve done this before but when I did I also cooked them all immediately and it worked out fine. Part of the reason I like won ton wrappers is that they are the right size and with a pinch of water seal really well. If only I had thought that through.When I put everything in the fridge I didn’t account for the fact that it would acquire moisture in the container. Therefore when I returned the next day all the wrappers and adhered to one another as well. Awesome.

I ended up cooking the giant blob and taking a chunk off for supper. (Photo above) I decided to have it with some Cabernet Sauvignon wine. I think I’m more of a white wine girl (unless its sangria) because I nearly choked when I tried this, it was so dry! To be fair, I’m not good at pairing but I did try this before I started the meal so I don’t think the flavor was muddied by the food. It just wasn’t enhanced or complimented. I wonder what type of wine I am actually prone to…perhaps I should make a real effort to try different kinds.

The ravioli was quite tasty, unique, even. However leftover ‘unique’ isn’t my favorite. Perhaps carrot is an acquired taste, or shouldn’t be used as the sole type of filling for a meal. There are so many ‘what ifs’ for why it might not have tasted super awesome as a left over I can’t even begin. I don’t think I’ll necessarily be making carrot ravioli again. Sweet potato yes, carrot though, eh. I’ve already had some of the sweet potato and it was good (still have some frozen in the freezer which is nice). I think I may have to experiment with other types of filling and shells. Like using actual pasta not won ton wrappers. We’ll see.

Recipe* (In case you wanted it)

1 cup ricotta
1 cup carrot
egg yolk
dash of basil

Sweet Potato
1 cup potato
1/2 cup Italian cheese
1/2 cup ricotta
egg yolk
dash of cayenne pepper

28-30 won ton wrappers/filling (60 for both)

*I can’t remember the exact recipe. I was using an existing recipe as more of a ‘vague suggestion’ and didn’t write down what I ended up doing. I think this is close though.

So until next time~Q

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