Grocery Shopping & Meal Planning

After my workout the other day I decided that’d be the perfect time to go grocery shopping since I was going to town for other errands anyway. Big mistake. I’ve fallen out of the habit of meal planning which is very unfortunate. I spent perhaps an hour in the grocery store just wandering the aisles getting things that appealed to me. Fast forward to the next day when I decide to make pasta and I have no sauce. Luckily that was simple enough, I just walked to the local market* and got some. (*I should explain that the smaller town I live in now does have a market but it doesn’t care all the stuff I usually get so I usually only go there for a couple of things.  Otherwise I go back to my home town which has approximately a million different choices. Alright maybe not a million but more than 5, so yeah) Not planning my groceries or meals is how I end up walking out of an hour long expedition with 3 packages of jello and no fruit. Awesomesauce. It’s also how I make a 9×13 full of pasta and realize I’ll be gone for the next 7 meals. It better not go bad or I’ll be upset because it tastes good actually (review to come).

To switch gears I have decided that ricotta is a tricky beast. It doesn’t really taste like anything but makes an awesome filler in pasta dishes. In my head, when I put it on the toast, it would be similar to brie. Not the case, but the weird thing is the toast would have been quite similar without it…I guess all I did was add calories which is rather unnecessary. On a slightly different note, I love honey Greek yogurt. It’s so yummy, which is why, on the rare occurrence it’s stocked, I usually get 2 tubs. Also if you then freeze it and do a half and half with sherbet the result is a bit magical. Quite sadly I used the last of my yogurt this morning and the store didn’t have any so now I am without. Looks like coco puffs for the next few days, so until next time~Q


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