Weekend Update: A Yankee Cinco de Mayo

This weekend I “celebrated” Cinco de Mayo by going to a Yankees game in KC with a couple of my friends. I had to wear neutral blue to keep the peace between the two. One lives in KC and is geographically loyal to her hometown’s team while the other has been a Yankee fan for most of her life. It’s unlikely she cared who was playing when she was two.

Anyway we drove down and got there a couple hours early and enjoyed tailgating before the evening game. Then we watched a pretty poor game, luckily the Yankees did get a home run to prevent the game from being a total shut-out. Of course the Yankees won the two games surrounding the game we went to, which was too bad for my Yankee friend. Honestly me and my KC buddy just wanted to see a good game. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles right? I was a bit shocked how fast the first half of the game went. Right, back to it being Cinco de Mayo. I’ve never seen so many fake mustaches out in public.

I returned home on Sunday after having some fantastic homemade chocolate chip pancakes courtesy of KC friend. After a quick nap and a shower I headed out to the local theater to see “The Hunger Games”. I’d already seen it once, but I was excited to see it again. I really enjoyed both it and the books it was based on. My friends and I had a lengthy conversation reviewing it back when we all saw it in March and we came to the solid conclusion that it was a really could representation. That could be because the author was part of the team that wrote the screen play, as was the director. That had to have helped the purity of story or intent or what not.

To end the weekend update, here’s supper. Cheesy scrambled eggs with toast, yummy. So until next time~Q


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