[Audio]Book Review: Intertwined

Once again synopsis may be a better term. I recently finished Intertwined by Gena Showalter, the first in a series by the same name. I enjoyed the start of the book, and although I think I’ll read the next one, things did seem to get a little too perfect.

Let me explain: (going to say now that since I listened to the book the names may not be correctly spelled) when the book begins we meet a character named Aden. Aden has a bit of a problem: he has four other souls living in his head: Eve, Julian, Caleb & Elijah. These special souls all have supernatural abilities. Eve can time travel back into a previous version of her(him)self, Julian can raise the dead, Caleb can posses bodies and Elijah can see how someone will die (as well as some other events).

Aden ‘awakes’ from his distraction (he had been on a walk with music blaring to drown the 4 souls out) to find himself in a grave yard. With Jillian’s ability, this is not good. Aden must fight the now Zombies. After the first fight he is lax in his leaving so more rise. During that fight Aden sees a girl and instantly everything stops, the voices in his head are quieted and the zombies are neutralized. Off Aden goes to find the girl.

Enough with the blow by blow, the special girl is Mary Ann. After some possession Aden gets himself enrolled in her school so he can get to know her (thinking she is the brunette that Elijah has had visions about). Then on his way to school one day he spots the actual brunette and a big hulking protector. This is where things get convenient, the hulking protector, Riley, falls for Mary Ann. The brunette falls for Aden and since Aden and Mary Ann are together a lot (after quickly develop a sibling love for one another) it’s very couples paradise. Besides having to deal with an influx of fairies, goblins, and witches; insubordinate vampires, cursed werewolves, and trapped souls of course.

I loved the intrigue at first, but then it did seemed a little too perfect with how the couples played out. I guess I don’t really mind though. Riley and Mary Ann together are amusing (the girl that tamed the beast and such). And with Aden’s life clock ticking to zero he deserves love too, right? Like I said I’ll probably read the next one. The quad (minus Aden) have a curse on them which will kill them unless Aden shows up to a meeting of witches, I don’t think I can ignore such a cliff hanger. Until next time~Q


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