[Audio]Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

It was my mistake to listen to Fifty Shades of Grey on a whim. I had been hearing the title mentioned a lot and seeing it in stores on stands. I decided to see what the hubbub was about myself with out actually seeing what the book was about. A few chapters in I was having the strangest sense of deja vu, like I’d heard themes of this story before. That’s when I looked the book up and discovered it was a twilight based story turned erotic. Not really my cup of tea.

I didn’t know it was possible for something to be worse than Twilight, but this just might be it. [Before you judge this post as just a person hating on the Twilight series I’ve read them and have seen the movies. Once the movies came out it really put it in its parody place in my brain. So now if I watch or read them (they’re an easy listen while working on projects) it’s always half a joke now.]

Perhaps the story gets better but I wont be finding out. If I must suffer through Anastasia’s inner dialogue I wont do it with Battoe’s voice in my head. Her inflections were too pointed and obvious to make them feel genuine and it made me dislike the main character. Not the sort of thing you need in addition to the repetitive sentiment (how many times in the first chapter alone did she say how gorgeous Grey was – and in the same exact way. If you are going to repeat an idea over an over again at least mix it up a little for the reader. Don’t just flat out say Oh he’s so gorgeous or he’s so beautiful. It makes the character seem unimaginative.) This mixed with overtly obvious attempts to make the character seem witty “I must be the color of the communist manifesto” or her use of Medulla oblongata just doesn’t work (I know I flippantly use the phrase in my head all the time). There may be some characters that could get away with thinking/saying this, but I don’t think any of them exist in this story.

As a side note, I’m sick of the magical ‘electrical current’ of connection between two people. Either find another way to express the idea or move on. Although it’s not entirely EL James fault that I’ve read several books that use that term recently, but she used it too so it is fair game.–I must give James her props though. She’s making a crap ton of money…so I guess she wins in the end.–

This may be harsh but considering how many times I rolled my eyes/cringed during the first few chapters I can’t bring myself to care. With that being said, on to another book which I might accidentally enjoy. Until next time~Q


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