Craft Time: Stuffed Animal

I have a nephew, who at the end of the month will celebrate his birthday. Like many kids he is a major fan of Yo Gabba Gabba. So I was trolling through Target and found a tee shirt for him. Hopefully he’ll like it, we’ll see. Anyway I was trying to decide if I should get something else for him (lets face it, clothes aren’t necessarily the most exciting thing for a kid to get). Then Tuesday after I get home from the gym I am struck with an ‘awesome’ idea. I’ll make him a stuffed animal that wouldn’t be that out of place in Gabba Land. (Because going home and deciding to make a stuffed animal is an impulse everyone has.) It didn’t help that I had all the materials I needed in the house, perhaps if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t have stayed up past midnight working on the project. As a side note it didn’t help that I also had a scary movie on (Scream 2) while I was working. Whenever I watch a scary movie (even if I’m re-watching) I need to watch something not scary (usually a kids movie) to replace what was in my short term memory.

Anyway I grabbed a couple old tee shirt scraps and felt and got to sewing. By the end of the second movie (perhaps I was not the most effect because I don’t think I was entirely effective as I could have been) I had the pieces sewn together (save for the front to the back). I did have the presence of mind to hold off finishing the piece until the next day. Wednesday I got up bright and early and tossed in a load of laundry. I meant to get ready for the day after that but instead I finished sewing the animal together and fought with it to get it flipped right-side out. Before I know it I’m stuffing the little creature. All of a sudden I notice that the washing machine is done and I’ve been working on the project for an hour. Safe to say when I arrived to work yesterday I was simply put together, but at least the animal was all stuffed! Then last night I finished with the hand sewing at the bottom (left open so I could stuff the animal) and presto birthday present complete!

I’m not entirely sure why I felt the need to A) do the project or B) rush through it. The festivities wont be until the end of the month, but at least now it is done. I don’t know if I succeeded in creating a Gabba-esque creature but hopefully he’ll like it. And hopefully I’m not mocked by my sisters’ too much for my delusions. Whatever, it was fun and an interesting exercise in sewing. I haven’t made a creature before. If I make another (some day) I think I’ll exclude the tail…or make it more of a ball (like a rabbit’s tale) so it’s easier to snuggle. Also this stuffed animal got bigger than I originally intended, from ear/horn to foot it’s about 16″ tall. It might be 2/3 to 1/2 the size of my nephew, so it definitely could scare him. Hopefully it goes over well though. Until next time~Q


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