Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Say what you will about Kristen Stewart, if you let that stop you from seeing this movie you’ll be missing out. Honestly I wasn’t deterred by her performance in the least and in combination with Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth it was a great movie. Theron brings a new twist to the Evil Queen and captures the role perfectly. Likewise I’m not sure of the Huntsman is suppose to be like the character in the fairy tale who is sent to kill her, but his character is a welcome addition.

I think what I like so much about this story is how fantastical it is. The effects and set (despite being all monotone) are breathtaking. I actually felt like the metal shard soldiers would somehow fragment off the screen and slice through whatever they touched. Whoever did the metal rendering, from an amateur’s point of view, did an astounding job. Likewise the costuming and makeup were great. The bridge troll so perfectly melded to his surroundings. All of the Queen’s clothes, while being a bit dark and twisted (like the queen herself), still had a regal quality befitting a royal who is conquered several kingdoms.

Of course you’re inclined to root for the title character, in this instance I refer to the Huntsman. I was partially amused that Snow White didn’t awake when the Duke’s son, William, kissed her. Granted he couldn’t have done anything more to save Snow White as a child, but it felt like he assumed their relationship would be just as close as it had been when they were children. Granted too though as soon as he learned she was alive he went off to save her, but she’d been locked in a tower for nearly a decade her last visions of the outside world being her only friend riding away without her. Of course things wouldn’t go exactly to how they had been before, but I digress. I liked how it was the Huntsman, after breaking down a bit, was the one to wake her. Something about the commoner, a nobody, being the one, rather than the expected nobleman. I also appreciated how it wasn’t a love fest between the two after that though. I don’t think that would have been believable. Instead it was understated, which since they had a castle to siege, was probably best. There was just enough of connection between the two after that to hint at what could be somewhere down the line.

My one qualm was the ending. There wasn’t really any action or talking after Snow takes back her kingdom. A VERY understated ending. Just her coronation, the appearance of the Huntsman (to show he hasn’t abandoned her ?) and then the end. With the rest of the movie being so grandiose and great that just felt a bit wanting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure I’ll see it again because I enjoyed the rest of the movie so much. To be fair the ending is probably fine it just was a bit different then the rest of the movie.


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