Quick Post: Veggie Omelette

I swear I always buy eggs thinking I wont wait until the expiration is two days away to start eating them. Low and behold here we are again. I suppose if I would actually meal plan, like I always intend to, that wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, breakfast today was a veggie omelette. I don’t really keep tons of fresh veggies in the house, they go bad before I can eat them all. Two things I do keep are baby carrots and onion. So it was really a cheese-onion-carrot omelette and it was quite tasty.

I think this is my first successful omelette I’ve made since I took beginning foods as a freshmen in high school, ten years ago, wow. I can’t believe it was that long ago-yikes. Usually I end up breaking the omelette so then I just make scrambled eggs instead. Anyway, it was good and I’ll make it again, I’m sure. Super thrilling I know, but I realized I hadn’t included any cooking posts in a long time and can’t the picture speak for itself anyway? So until next time~Q.


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