Movie Review: Underworld Awakening

So something felt off with the fourth installment of the Underworld series. I think it was some of the all of a sudden trust. Selene, a character who has been betrayed and hunted so much has to have trust issues. The only one she has been able to trust, apparently, is Michael and now he’s out of the picture so logic might suggest she would then trust no one. Especially after finding out she’s been on ice for the last twelve years. So understandably the first thing she wants to do is find Subject 2, who she is under the impression is Michael. WRONG – surprise you had a daughter. Now understandably, despite just finding out she has an eleven-ish year old daughter, Selene feels the need to protect her.

What makes Selene trust David so quickly? The fact that he is a vampire. Vampire’s have been betraying her all of her immortal existence, but since he does end up being a good guy I suppose I’m over it. Just seems weird, but he did come back in the end, proving her trust wasn’t misplaced.   The other random trust relationship was the one with the cop. Apparently him confessing he knows she can kill him quickly if necessary shows that he understands her? Likewise he stands by her when no one else is while she retrieves her daughter, but it could have gone sideways so easily.

One thing that stuck with me about this movie was how freaky Eve (the daughter) looked when she transformed. Giant bug eyes, creepy moving. I can’t even describe, but when I think back on the movie that’s one of the first things I recall. I’m reading a book right now (Uglies) and they talk about how all these people have surgery to get big doe eyes. In the book they say that biology dictates that people feel the need to protect others who seem vulnerable (and doe eyes help that cause). Bring this full circle, Eve’s giant eyes make me think that’s what the people in the book look like. There is something about the kid that makes you want to help her. Perhaps its her false helplessness. I did enjoy the twist in the end when they had started with ‘Subject 0’ – those tricky scientists. Also that was a very tricky conspiracy with the lycans. I did not see that twist coming, which was pretty great.

I don’t know if I’d watch it again or not, but I can think of other movies I’d dislike re-watching more, and it is enjoyable to see Beckinsale kick serious tail. Seriously, the grenade to the gut that can’t be taken out (like in Pirates of the Caribbean) is always enjoyable. Until next time~Q


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