Quick Post: Chicken Stuffed Shells

Apparently Wednesdays are my days to decide I can whip up food without the rules a recipe provides. That’s what I did again and it turned out all right (upon first eating – we’ll see about leftovers). Anywho the other night I was feeling like having something more complex then steam cooked frozen veggies so I scoured my cabinets and found giant shells. Upon further investigation I also found cheese, ricotta, chicken, and sauce. So while the shells were cooking I threw the other in a bowl, added some basil and PRESTO (not pesto) I have the stuffing for giant shells. I can’t quite recall the exact measurements but I think I used a cup of ricotta, half a cup of both mozzarella and italian cheeses, a few dashes of parmesan, a dash of basil, and a can of precooked chicken. Not the most organic, but it was pretty tasty. I stuffed the shells until I ran out then cut up the few remaining shells and sprinkled them on top of the other shells in addition to adding more of the mozzarella and italian cheese. After baking it in the oven (for either half an hour or an hour – I can’t recall which, the side of the pasta box had a different recipe but I followed it’s baking time and it worked out) it came out marvelously and now I have leftovers for several nights (I’ll be eating this well into next week I imagine). This experiment in cooking turned out well, so I don’t mind so many leftovers. I’ll close with a picture of my first meal with the Chicken Stuffed Noodles. Until next time ~ Q