LOEB: What movie, TV show, book, etc. turns you into a blubbering baby every time you see it?

Being a child of the late 80s/90s when I read the prompt for this week’s League of Extraordinary Bloggers the first thing that popped into my mind was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In both forms I tear up but at vastly different parts.

First up the movie. Every single time Dobby dies I cry, not nearly as badly as I did the first time but all the same. I think this is an amazing feat because it was completely fabricated (the character). I mean a bit of CG and a prop were what they were going off of but its just so sad. Here this elf gives it all for thesee kids and then he says he’s just happy to be with them. That was a right cheery way to end that movie. Granted, with the subject matter you could hardly end it at a circus right?

In the book, I’m sure there are different spots that I cry at because dear JK did an amazing job at making the characters real. (To this day I have issues reading/watching the 5th book because my hatred for Umbridge is so strong. Never did I hate Snape or even Voldemort as much as I detest Umbridge.) In fact this week’s prompt has sparked a renewed interest to reread the series. Granted I am listening to them on audiobook and have completed the first book so it’s a bit easier to manage since I can then multitask. Refocusing, a time I cried that is burned in my head was the fall after I graduated college. Where I worked at the time allowed you to listen to music whatever while you worked so long as it didn’t interfere with yours/others performance. That meant we usually brought earbuds. I was listening to the 7th book and was luckily out on my lunch break when Harry went to the forest to meet Voldemort. I was driving around town and I started crying. There is something about that scene, when his parents come to meet him and Series and Remus as well that just makes me so sad. So here I am driving back to work crying. I had to reign it in quickly, it would not do to have tear-stained cheeks at work. That was a bit embarrassing. I’m not sure what I would think if I was driving around and saw someone crying behind the wheel of the car next to me, I’d probably think something bad had happened (a death or breakup perhaps) not that they were listening to a book.

As I continued to think of this topic another thing that triggers the waterworks in the ‘TV’ department is Doctor Who. Of course when Rose is forced to leave the Tenth Doctor I cry (still have issues watching that entire season because I know what happens. However even before this prompt was posted I initiated my Dr. Who re-watch. I’m only on the fourth episode of the first season though, so still no Ten. Rose yes, Ten no. ). Another episode that always gets me though is the Human Nature/The Family of Blood. Basically the Doctor makes himself human to outrun some bad aliens and falls in love. However the aliens find him and he has to go back to who he was, but that ends the existence of the man he has become. He just never gets to be happy and with the one he wants to be with. I think all that emotional baggage just sets me up so when I see the Doctor years later checking in on a kid whom he taught I am pushed over the edge and tear up. They reappear at a veterans memorial and salute the kid, who had fought in WW1.

I am sure there are other things I cry at but these were the ones that readily (and persistently) popped into my head when I got the summons earlier this week. In other news sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been working late and prepping for the road trip I am taking with a friend. Which will prompt another hiatus starting tomorrow. I don’t plan to have a laptop so I may or may not be posting next week. Bear with me and I will return to regular posting (as long as I’m not too back logged at work) the week of the 22 where topics will include reviews of Gone with the Wind, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and board games with family members.

Until next time~Q

Art from the Archives: k+n ligature

I’ve been scanning through some of my old…what to call them…projects I suppose. Except these were things I did on my own time and done relatively quickly (in that I didn’t spend days perfecting the details.

Here is one such project. In school we did an official project where we had to create an ampersand using two different fonts that looked like it could belong in either font. (As well as making a type specimen poster and other items.) I really enjoyed the project because you had to find away to work within the rules of the font all the while breaking them to create something new.

In that same vein every now and then I experiment with that type of project. Here is a result of one day’s exploration. A ligature for when a k and a n are right by each other. I really wanted it to be exclusive to when the k is silent, so i guess that would make it more of it’s own letter. Like the che (ch) in Spanish, which i believe has been made obsolete and taken out of the alphabet, choosing instead to just us a c and an h. Anyway, this one only uses one font family, instead combining the rules of a k and n.

Until next time~Q

Quick Post: Beef Pita

You’d think I would have had time to watch a movie or finish a book to review since I had the day off yesterday, but alas no, that was not the case. I actually decided to go to work anyway and log in a few extra hours since I’ll be taking a week off mid-July. So a quick post will have to do. I didn’t eat this yesterday, this is just a late post from when I had all that ground beef. The final left-over I suppose is the best way to categorize it. Except the only thing leftover was the ground beef. Moving on. I chopped up some potatoes and baked those, then grabbed some broccoli (frozen) and popped it in the microwave to cook. Besides having to wait forever for the potatoes to cook, instant supper. Topped off with the always present in my fridge Kool aid. Until next time ~ Q

Book Review: The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life

So I finally got to reading my advanced reader copy of The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life by Tara Altebrando. I received it some time in May but my stubbornness trying to get through my summer reading list has postponed it a bit. Currently my schedule and more so 1984 have me a bit behind. Not sure what it is about that book but I have yet to get gripped by the story yet. Not the case with The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life. It was an easy and entertaining read. Perfect for a rainy day or a car ride. I didn’t have the former (far from it, it was nearly 100 today, if not actually that hot) but I did have a car ride home from my sister’s place.

Anyway (Tread carefully, Spoilers ahead) the book takes place all in one day, the weekend of senior week. Four friends are out to prove themselves against the jocks (and other social groups as well). The story it told from Mary’s point of view-and she is the one that eggs the others on to join the unofficial annual scavenger hunt. She is joined by two guy friends (Patrick and Dex) and one gal pal (Winter). They all have their battles to face, and some come to light throughout the day. Winter has to deal with feelings she has with a guy Mary has been crushing on for years. Especially when said guy actually breaks things off with his girlfriend mid-hunt and switches teams. Dez, whom all the friends know to be gay, has to deal with the bullying that the jocks constantly give him. (The king of the bullies has also gotten in to Georgetown ‘over’ Mary – or at least that’s how she sees it. The principal only gave one recommendation to the college and gave it to the bully and couldn’t pick Mary out of a line-up). Patrick comes clean about his feelings for Mary after something arose during prom the previous week. This gives Mary more than enough to consume her mind all while trying to juggle point totals and items they are suppose to be finding. Adding in her drunken little sister and a missing family heirloom you have the perfect recipe for multiple meltdowns. End spoiler section.

I hate to use mindless, but this book was an easy read – which is an underrated necessity to life. Sometimes you don’t want to read the heavy hitters (hence I’m still only like 7 chapters in to 1984 for instance). I did enjoy this book, and now that it’s on my shelf can see myself reading it again. It comes right in time though because mid-July a high school buddy and I plan to go on a random road trip (one thing to check off the bucket list!). We were thinking of all the little quirky things we could do while on this road trip and a scavenger hunt came up. I might just siphon off some of the suggestions (like a cardboard Witch Halloween decoration – the car needs a mascot). Overall an easy enjoyable entertaining (easy and entertaining are the buzz words people) read about 4 high school students who are facing saying good bye at the end of their senior year. Until next time~Q

Quick Post: Sunday Snowflakes

When I was a kid my mom would save making french toast to only Sundays, thus they were called ‘Sunday Snowflakes’. To this day, even if made on a day not Sunday (because Tuesday Snowflakes sounds so wrong), I call them Sunday Snowflakes. Keeping with tradition, I decided to have Sunday Snowflakes for breakfast today-french toast topped with powdered sugar.  Ah the taste of sweet memories. Until next time ~ Q