Art from the Archives: k+n ligature

I’ve been scanning through some of my old…what to call them…projects I suppose. Except these were things I did on my own time and done relatively quickly (in that I didn’t spend days perfecting the details.

Here is one such project. In school we did an official project where we had to create an ampersand using two different fonts that looked like it could belong in either font. (As well as making a type specimen poster and other items.) I really enjoyed the project because you had to find away to work within the rules of the font all the while breaking them to create something new.

In that same vein every now and then I experiment with that type of project. Here is a result of one day’s exploration. A ligature for when a k and a n are right by each other. I really wanted it to be exclusive to when the k is silent, so i guess that would make it more of it’s own letter. Like the che (ch) in Spanish, which i believe has been made obsolete and taken out of the alphabet, choosing instead to just us a c and an h. Anyway, this one only uses one font family, instead combining the rules of a k and n.

Until next time~Q


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