Clothes vs Outfits

Very rarely do I wear “outfits”. Usually I just throw something together and hope they coordinate enough to pass as acceptable clothes for work. This doesn’t always pan out (yesterday I wore this shirt to work…I paired it with a denim skirt in hopes to ‘dress it up’ enough for work). I’m not a fashionista by any means. In the future I imagine I’ll be a reluctant contestant on What Not to Wear. However today I actually pulled together an outfit. One that once I saw it made me think ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ (complete with cat-eye sunglasses). Only suitable for a work environment that is usually jeans and a business casual top. I think I get the Tiffany’s part from all the sparklies I wore, and then just wearing black with the sunglasses is reminiscent of the movie cover, only she’s in a dress. The best part was I picked the various elements based on the fact that I heard it was suppose to be triple digits in our part of the state. I don’t think it ever actually made it that high but that is neither here nor there. What’s the outfit you ask? Well here is a rough polyvore creation of what it looked like. OutfitIs this what being an adult is all about? Maturing enough to pull yourself into an outfit mentality over whatever works? I feel like one could make a metaphor about that, but that’s not my style. I just like sparkly stuff and not sweating like a wildebeest. Not going to lie though, I felt pretty snazzy today. That being said I know if I plan an outfit on purpose it will not work. So I’ll just wait for the next time I accidentally pull an outfit off and enjoy the randomness that occurs until then. Until next time ~ Q

Saturday Morning Cartoons!! – LOEB Assignment

This weeks assignment was pretty fun, making our own Saturday Morning Line-up. It was really hard narrowing it down, I have enough for both Saturday and Sunday (if the honorable mentions were considered Sunday’s list). My Saturday would be a bit of an overall history of cartoons. I’d start with the earliest years, Tom & Jerry in the forties, and end with Teen Titans (the millenniums) except I’d really end with Looney Toons which spans the entire time, that’s the proper ending to the cartoon line-up.

5:00 – Tom & Jerry

5:30 – Rocky & Bullwinkle Show

6:00 – The Flintstones

6:30 – The Jetsons

7:00 – The Archie Show

7:30 – Scooby-Doo, Where are You?

8:00 – Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

8:30 – The Smurfs

9:00 – Rainbow Brite

9:30 – He-Man Master of the Universe

10:00 – She-Ra Princess of Power

10:30 – Dexter’s Laboratory

11:00 – The Powerpuff Girls

11:30 – Muppet Babies

12:00 – Teen Titans

12:30 -Looney Toons

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Thunder Cats
  2. Doug
  3. Inspector Gadget
  4. Gumby
  5. Ahhh! Real Monsters
  6. Gummi Bears
  7. Super Friends
  8. X-Men
  9. Yogi Bear
  10. The Weekenders
  11. Kim Possible
  12. TaleSpin
  13. Garfield & Friends
  14. School House Rock
  15. Phineas and Ferb
  16. Reboot
  17. Sailor Moon
  18. Dragonball Z

So that is my list. Couldn’t have everything, obviously (Like no Pepper-Ann or Sadly no Strawberry Shortcake).

For all entries go to the League’s website.

Or check out for themed hours check out Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks, for Monsters and the Supernatural Green Plastic Squirt Gun has a nice list,  and to relive the 80s go to Rediscover the 80s.

That’s it for now ~ Q

Book Review: The Nine Lives of Chloe King-The Fallen

So long ago I had watched the show The Nine Lives of Chloe King. It was your typical angsty-teen drama whatever, but I was interested in the mythology behind it. The premise is there is this 16 year old girl who discovers she is something like a werewolf. Only in the sense that she has animal like powers, so nothing like a werewolf. In the show the race of humans with cat powers are called Mai. Since, in so many instances, the book is better than the show/movie I decided to give the book a go (since the mythology interested me so).

The series was written by Liz Braswell (under the pen name Celia Thomson) and originally consisted of three separate books: The Fallen, The Stolen, and The Chosen. In the version of the book I bought (and since they have been distributed as such) it was one giant book with three separate parts. So I’ll divide my review into three parts as well.

The Fallen

In this book we meet Chloe on the day before her birthday. To celebrate she decides to ditch school (taking her two friends with her) and they had up to Coit Tower. Her friend Paul gives her the gift of vodka and they spend the time at the top of the tower taking swigs. After sometime she gets bored/restless so Chloe leans up on a window edge and ends up falling over. She falls for 200 feet or so and blacks out (obviously). When she awakes there isn’t anything critically wrong with her but shockingly her friends insist she goes to the ER. Now here is where my first annoyance at the story flares up: consistency in writing. I don’t care if you aren’t 100% consistent, but if it’s something so glaringly wrong that it pulls me out of the story then I take issue. Case in point: Chloe fled the ER at 4. Then she goes home to take a nap. She wakes at 6 ‘after a 4 hour nap’. A few paragraphs later she calls Amy’s house and Amy’s mom wishes her a ‘happy birthday in six hours’. When she hangs up Chloe makes a comment about it being four hours to her birthday. I was severely annoyed, especially because this all happened within a few pages of each other. Clearly some editing went down and no one did a final read through (although I know that can’t be the case).

Enough of that though, continuing. Chloe goes out that night, gets into a club, drinks, makes out with a guy and then decides she should really get home. The next day her mom throws her a surprise party complete with champagne, catering and a cellist. Nothing like rewarding bad behavior. Whatever. Chloe begins to feel more confident and even plucks up the nerve to chat up Alyec, a popular kid in school. She also gets a budding romance with a customer at the store where she works, Brian. Chloe spends much of the book flirting with both of the boys while she tries to deal with her adolescent-induced estrangement with her mother. Also her estrangement with her best friends, Paul and Amy. The day of Chloe’s accident they ‘hooked up’ and have since started dating. In effect sidestepping Chloe entirely. This upsets Chloe and causes a giant cluster. However rather than fighting with Amy about it Chloe continues to live her life, and what a life it is. Ever since her birthday she has noticed changes, besides the boost in self-confidence. She can also run, not only run but leap and bound onto the rooftops. Her balance has approved, as have her reflexes and perhaps most bizarrely of all she has developed retractable claws. These physical changes mixed with the emotional turmoil of trying to figure out what to do with two very different boys. Add on top of that the appearance of an assassin who attacks Chloe when she least expects it. How is a girl to cope?

Now I’m all for artistic license and perhaps it’s my goody-two-shoes nature that’s really the issue. However, if a mother dislikes her daughter sneaking out and lying to her and wont let her date at all would she be likely to give that daughter a glass of wine with dinner? Let alone the next day complain that she should have given her red instead to war off the cold/flu that her daughter has developed? It’s just hard for me to align a mother so strict she wont let her daughter even talk about boys with one that’s mellow enough to freely give her daughter alcohol. Especially since she’s griping about her behavior. ‘Your being secretive like a typical teenager and I wont let you date but please, enjoy the champagne.; Once again, one of those things that if it takes me out of the story it bugs me. And the drug use in the book did that. I’m fully cognizant that some kids do drugs, whatever, but it seemed forced in this book and the forcing is what bugged me.

Back to the story, Chloe eventually calls Brian out on his lack of physical contact with her which causes a rift between them. One that grows when Brian sees her and Alyec together and tells her to stay away from him. That goes over well. Chloe finally drops Brian entirely and somewhat chooses Alyec, which is a good thing. When the Assassin meets up with her again and Brian shows up throwing the same stars as the assassin it’s clear that he’s not on the level. Luckily Alyec shows up to keep the fight even. The Assassin dies and Brian explains he was there to try and help Chloe (both she and Alyec – who turns out to be a special cat person too – don’t completely buy it). He then stops them from running into an ambush and they make it away. The store ends shortly there after with Alyec telling Chloe he’d like her to meet a few other people. We can only presume that he means special cat people.

As sarcastic as I’ve been with this review you’d think I’d call it quits after part one, but I’m still interested in the mythology and the first part didn’t get into at all! Grrr, so yes I will continue with the second part (The Stolen) so that should be good. After that it’s almost like you have to finish with the third. Especially since they are such fast reads. Maybe that is why I don’t mind. It’s an easy book to read before bed. It doesn’t really contain extremely serious content or anything that will keep me up pondering deep questions. So for easy reading it’s fine.

Movie Review: Gone with the Wind or A Rant About My Dislike for Scarlett O’Hara

In case the blog title isn’t enough of a give away I did not like Scarlett O’Hara, so unfortunately my opinion of this movie was fairly marred by that dislike. I went into this movie with a bit of unease based purely on the fact that it was two discs long. I had issues getting through some of the movies when they were only long enough to fill one disc. If this one wasn’t enjoyable I had that much longer to sit through, and boy howdy did I not enjoy most of this movie.

The movie begins with an Overture. I somewhat feel like overtures are best left to live theater, there they have a purpose. The lights are dimming, people are settling and preparing for the play to begin. However in a movie what’s the point? I guess people need to get settled at home too. Another thing I’ve noticed in older movies (thus far) is that they have the credits before the movie instead of at the end. This too prolongs the time you sit through before the movie. A special thing about Gone with the Wind is that it first played the overture and then did the credits? Clearly back in the day they weren’t two birds with one stone people. Anyway I did enjoy the fact that they did the cast credits more like a play. Called them ‘The Players” even, then had it segmented like you see in playbooks. IE At Tara (The O’Hara Plantation in Georgia) – Gerald O’Hara….Thomas Mitchell / Ellen, his wife….Barbara O’Neill   Their Daughters   Scarlett….Vivien Leigh / Suellen … Evelyn Keyes etc.

Anyway after all of the music the movie finally begins and we’re graced with the presence of Scarlett O’Hara who is ‘busy’ listening to two of her beaus chat about the war. This displeases her, so she feigns a tantrum and threatens to leave if they don’t stop. This sums up Scarlett in a nutshell. Super manipulative, vein, conceded…on and on I could go, but why? Shortly after a bomb is dropped – Ashley Wilkes (a neighbor) is engaged which sends Scarlett in to a frenzy. Everyone is suppose to be heading to Ashley’s for a picnic so she dresses in a somewhat risque dress and heads over. At the party she is hell bent on making Ashley jealous and see that he should be with her not his cousin. After that doesn’t work she point blank tells him she is in love with them and they have a rather large falling out. Overhearing the fall out is Rhett Butler.

What can I say about Rhett Butler? I like him purely because he’s 100% honest about the fact that he is a bit of a rake. Yes he looks out for number 1 but he never lies about that. Although morally he’s not a great character out of the two leads I’d rather know him over Scarlett. Is that his womanizing ways speaking? Anyway the movie is really long and lots of stuff happens (civil war, loss of a few husbands, carpetbaggers invade etc). Scarlett marries a few times before she finally marries Rhett and each time it’s for her own gain, and Rhett calls her on it. Not until she finally succeeds in driving Rhett away does she realize how much she is in love with him and not stupid Ashley however by this time he has left her for the final time. She vows to return to her home (Tarra) and in the morning she will find away to get Rhett back. She is prepetually chasing a man who no longer loves her. Through 80% of the movie she chases Ashley even though time and time again he tells her he doesn’t love her. It isn’t until the last time it finally sinks in and she realizes she doesn’t care because she loves Rhett.

The amusing bit of watching this is while talking about it with my middle sister she informed me that I had the same exact comments as our oldest sister did. My oldest sister tired to read it and said

  1. it’s super long
  2. I hate Scarlett O’Hara
  3. I can’t find one redeeming quality in her character

which sums up what I had to say about it. Perhaps the movie and the book were fairly inline (which doesn’t necessarily happen often). Although I think the book is probably even more racists – I think that was a comment of my sister’s. Or perhaps I learned that it school. Either way I’ve spent enough effort on Scarlett O’Hara, this is one book I wont be discovering for myself. Not unless every other book I wish to read is already read and I’v already reread hunger games a million times before. So yeah, I don’t foresee it happening. One nice thing about the movie was that it was in color so all of the lovely costumes and scenery took on more life then they have in the past Oscar winners. (Actually, I think it was colorized but that is neither here nor their – if I’m going to watch it it’s nice that I got to see all of it).

Anyway that’s enough negativity, until next time ~ Q

Mix tape for the class of ’06 – LOEB Assignment

What songs were forever being looped on your car’s stereo back in high school. A cassette could only hold a dozen or so songs, so that’s the magic number of songs to list

This week’s assignment? Make a mix tape that would have been in the car when I was in high school. Well luckily as I prepped for my road trip last month I found some of my old CDs from high school. Well let’s prefeace this, back in the day (early-mid 00s) I was a total pop-princess (I wasn’t super adventurous) just listened to whatever was on the radio or what my friends listened to or soundtracks. Anyway, I found this CD from high school just in the nick of time! To the randomness of my mix-tape.

  1. Flake by Jack Johnson
  2. Why Can’t I by Liz Phair
  3. First Date by Blink-182
  4. Flavor of the Weak by American Hi-Fi
  5. Hey Ya by Outkast
  6. 1985 by Bowling for Soup
  7. Stuck by Stacie Orrico
  8. Over My Head (Cable Car) by The Fray
  9. Girl Next Door by Saving Jane
  10. Dirty Little Secret by The All-American Rejects
  11. Mr. Brightside by The Killers
  12. Fat Lip by Sum 41
  13. High by James Blunt

That’s it for my mix tape but be sure to check out what the rest of League is up to.

Want a taste of my middle school? Check out ShezCrafti‘s millennium send off.

If I would have gone to school a decade earlier my list might be more like Hellions’ or Cavalcade of Awesome‘s.

Two decades earlier and it could have been more like AEIOU’s or Green Plastic‘s.

Until next time ~ Q

[Audio]Book Review: Uglies

I’ve just finished listening to Uglies by Scott Westerfeld (and narrated by Carine Montbertrand). Once again it’s a dystopian series that in the end has hooked me. I’ve been working my way through this 12 hour story for months, mainly because after part 1 (the audio book was downloaded in two chunks) I didn’t have much enthusiasm to continue, so I didn’t listen to it for several weeks. However in the spirit of hating leaving things unfinished I decided to plow through it today while working on a web project and boy did the second half pick up. If you stop reading this post now just let me say check this series out, it’s interesting.

*Spoiler Section*

The book begins with a girl, Tally Youngblood, who is a few months away from her sixteenth birthday. However unlike in our current day where that really only means you can drive a car on your own(and in some states not even that) in this world you get mandatory cosmetic surgery to make you gorgeous. When we enter the book Tally has snuck out of Uglyville into New Pretty Town to try and find her best bud Peris. He has been in Tally’s life ever since she was a little kid but his birthday was before hers so now she is abandoned. After a somewhat embarrassing run-in with Peris she returns home and meets another girl named Shay. Like Tally she is the last of her friends to turn 16, unlike Tally, Shay doesn’t want the surgery. The girls form a tight bond over the summer (their birthdays are at the end of the summer) and like all friends get in mischief and fights. A week before their birthdays (after not speaking for awhile because of a blow out over the surgery situation) Shay tells Tally that she is running away to go live in the Smoke with her other friends. It turns out Shay was left behind because she chickened out (not just because she was younger than the other girls and didn’t have surgery when they did). So Shay leaves and leaves Tally a coded message on how to follow her. When the day comes for Tally’s surgery it’s delayed and she is brought to Special Circumstances where Dr. Cable inform her that unless Tally helps the Specials find the Smoke she’ll never get her surgery. Tally eventually agrees (after a visit from Peris) and has to beat feet to make up time so the Smokies are curious as to why she hadn’t shown up sooner. She makes it in about four days (but has to lie saying it took her nine).

Shay is over the moon Tally has joined her even though Tally is feeling rotten about having a tracker (a heart-shaped pendant) with her. She is interrupted from activating it right away and is brought off to help harvest scrap metal. Randomly David (a guy that Shay had referred to lots of time but had never actually introduced to Tally despite her best efforts) decides to share big secrets about his family to Tally her first day in the Smoke (Of course). During the conversation Tally finds herself wanting to be trustworthy and so the seeds of doubt on what to do are sewn. Days / weeks pass as Tally tries to throw off suspicion of her being a spy. She unintentionally grows closer to David and he eventually gives her a pair of gloves. This is a big deal in the Smoke since everything is either traded/reused/recycled never thrown out or thoughtlessly given to another. This sparks a fight between Shay and Tally. Shay sees at once that David is in love with Tally not her. (Shay of course, figured David was hers). Shay is upset because Tally is openly walking around with a heart pendant, who Shay believes was given to Tally by a boy back in Uglyville. In truth it is the tracker that Dr. Cable gave Tally. Anyway Shay thinks that Tally is leading David on and Tally promises to tell David the truth. That night he takes her to meet his parents, who were once Pretty doctors (doctors in charge of the physical part of the surgery. They discovered that during the surgery the doctors also altered the brains of kids so they are more complacent (or something that would take to long to explain.). Tally is freaked but copes well and David takes her back to camp. On the way back they share a moment and he touches her pendant during it. This spurs Tally to throw it into the fire. For her this is her finally choosing the Smoke over ever going back to the city to get her once all consuming surgery. Little does she know that the action is the butterfly’s wing that starts a hurricane.

The next morning she wakes up to see the place getting invaded by Specials. She eventually escapes and finds David (the only other Smokey to escape). Seeing that it’s all her fault she vows to take David to the city to rescue everyone. It takes a few weeks and when they get everyone out they discover Shay has been turned and that David’s father is dead. They get everyone out to a ruined city where they set up base. There David’s mom works on a cure for the brain spots. She comes up with a testable cure but wont force anyone to take it. The only Pretty on hand is Shay. Guilt eats away at Tally so she agrees to go be made Pretty and then they can rescue her and test the cure. David wont here of it but his mother is all for it. His mother knows the truth about Tally and allows her to finally tell David the truth. He runs out and his mom convinces her to surrender herself that night after writing a letter to her future Pretty-self explaining that the doctor has written permission from her past/present self to do the testing. The book ends with Shay and Tally turning themselves in (although Shay shouldn’t be in trouble Tally is in for it).

*End Spoiler Section*

Like I said, the last third of the book really picked up, daring escape plans and intrigue as to what really goes down when the Uglies are under the knife just reach out and grab you. I’m just trying to figure out if I want to read the second book or listen to it. During some of the lulling sections I noticed just how much space the narrator puts between each of her sentences. It sometimes seemed like an necessary amount of pausing (I think the story could have been an hour shorter easily). However one thing is certain, I will be continuing the series, at least into book two, Pretties. If it lulls a bunch like this one did we’ll see if I go to book three and four but the content is quite trippy. Thinking about the premise of where/how these people live is crazy, However, in a warped way I can see how society could end up like that, and that is a bit creepy/crazy. Tally often is defending the surgery (until she finds out about the non-physical changes) pointing out if everyone looks beautiful and the same then no one can hate someone else for being different. Hate leads to wars and on and on the argument goes. So yes, overall an interesting book and despite me saying it lulled out it picked up enough for me to give book two a chance, so that should speak for itself. Go ahead and check it out.

Until next time ~ Q

Hiatus Over! Let’s celebrate with an LOEB entry

So a couple weeks off turned into a month off, whoops, that was not what I intended.

This week’s assignment: Remake one of your favorite movies with a cast of current Hollywood stars. The first thing that came into my head was Anne of Green Gables and this is why: Emma Stone as Anne Shirley. The A stands for Anne – obviously (and awesome). Recently (or really her entire career, its just shes been in more stuff recently) has shown she has a fair amount of versatility (The Help to Zombieland to Crazy-Stupid-Love…I could continue, but why?). She has the chops to be vulnerable and sincere which is a facet that needs to be brought to Anne but she also has the fun loving attitude and sass to make Anne shine.

Although no one could be as loveable as Richard Farnsworth was as Matthew Cuthbert, there is something endearing about Donald Sutherland. Not when he’s forcing kids to compete to the death of course, I think it’d be more reminiscent of his time as Mr. Bennet. (As a complete side note if the most recent thing you saw Mr. Sutherland in was the Hunger Games and then saw him in Kelly’s Heroes you’d lose it. Seriously, it’s a stark contrast. The seriousness of President Snow versus the higher than a kite Sargent Oddball is fantastic. I highly recommend you  watch them to experience it for yourself.) Anyway I think he’d be a good Matthew, he can do a lot with little words, which when paired with Marilla is valuable.

Which speaking of,  I would love to see Dame Maggie Smith as dear old Marilla Cuthbert. After keeping the Gryffindor students in line at Hogwarts for the last decade certainly one little red head isn’t too much to handle right? Perhaps not when that one is Anne Shirley and you don’t have magic to back you up. Smart money says she’d still knock it out of the park though. She is one tough lady and I think could do well with the hard-shelled Marilla.

For her neighbor (and friend), Rachel Lynde, I wasn’t quite sure who to pick. Actually this whole assignment was difficult because I’m quite terrible at conjuring up actors. I can make associations like nobodys business (such as Michael Gambon who was Baltus Van Tassel before he was Dumbledore starred beside Miranda Richardson in both movies as well (as Lady Van Tassel/Rita Skeeter and this isn’t even a very good association). Or when I’m in a movie I remember that I really like a character (such as Michael Caine – he’s good, perhaps he’d make a good Matthew. I also really enjoy Anne Hathaway, Morgan Freeman and Joseph Gordon-Levit…and Zooey Deschanel – besides that last one guess what movie I saw most recently). Anyway I thought Dame Judi Dench would do the job credit. I can’t recall anything she’s been in that I haven’t enjoyed her performance and it would fun to see her being a nosy gossip. She has quite the repitor of either being in charge or period pieces (or both) as evident in her roles of Lady Catherine de Bourg, The Queen of England, or M (although that ‘period’ is present) it would be quite amusing to experience her be a person who isn’t actually in charge ever but thinks that she should be.

Taking up the role of Anne’s ‘bosom friend’ Diane Barrt I imagine Anna Kendrick. For me Kendrick is an unsung star (although she is making herself heard more and more). I can’t recall a performance of hers that I haven’t enjoyed (even in random movies like Elsewhere). If memory serves she got her big break in the Twilight movies – they are what they are but I don’t feel like any of the actors get true opportunities to shine in those movies. Excellent case in point – Kendrick. Take her out of that setting and pair her with say George Clooney and you have an award worthy performance (never mind the fact she didn’t actually win). Even without George Clooney she played that role well. I digress it’d be fun to see her as Diana Barry – a character that always amuses me. Diana strikes me as a girl that is truly a space cadet but seems like she is only partially on this plane – and usually when Anne is there to ground her (Anne doing the grounding? Seems like that should be the other way around but until she grows up she seems to always be under her mother’s thumb – who wouldn’t spend there days somewhere else under those circumstances?). Also I just IMDBed her and saw that she has been in theater too, when she was younger. Would have loved to seen that because live theater is super fun and its always interesting seeing movie actors on the stage and vice versa.

Gilbert Blythe. What is there to say about him and who should play him. Right now I’m on a bit of a Josh Hutcherson/Andrew Garfield kick but I did love Penn Badgley’s performance in both John tucker Must Die and Easy A. He is essentially the same guy in both. The nice guy who waits in the wings while the protagonist goes on making all these semi-bad choices (pretending to be the school harlot or going on a revenge mission for three other girls) only to step in and pick her up when shes at her lowest. Although truth b etold the both saved themselves in the end and only then were able to truly fall for his nice guy ways. Anyway I just don’t know who should play the seemingly arrogant (at first) school heartthrob who eventually wins everyone (even stubborn Anne) over but since this is pretend I don’t actually have to.

Anne of Green Gables has a huge cast so I didn’t go through them all but a few characters I did cast were Muriel Stacey, Reverend Allan and Alice Lawson. For Miss Stacey, the new teacher who comes in to encourage and challenge Anne and the others I picked Tina Fey, because really she’s hilarious and do I need any other reasons? These last three are more whims anyway as evident by my choice of Reverend Allan, Sir Sean Connery. I’d consider moving to Prince Edward Island to attend his sermons. Finally for the somewhat ditzy (or perhaps just preoccupied) shop keeper Alice Lawson who better than Amy Poehler. Reinvent the character a bit that it’s acceptable for her to overtly sass her patrons and you have the perfect setting for Poehler to shine (just look at the face in the photo, how can you not pick her as the new Alice?).

That’s the extent of my casting, other movies I’m now mulling over recasting are High Society, The Court Jester, Holiday Inn (with Bing Crosby), White Christmas and Alvin and the Chipmunks (the 1987 one where they go on a hot air balloon race). Perhaps after more time has past I’ll be able to think of the right people for the roles and less shoot from the hip that this Anne recast was. In any event those are my picks (for now) of Anne of Green Gables: 2012.

Until next time ~ Q

I think it’s safe to say my entry was one of the girliest and I’m really glad I did it before reading the other bloggers’ entries. It makes me want to go find a different movie to remake – like Baby Blues (First thing to pop into my head again – I’m sensing a theme here. Perhaps I should think things through more), who doesn’t love a good ‘covert ops while on vacation’ movie?

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Otherwise here are some more specific ones:

The Beastmaster – I’ve never heard of this movie but would see it for the remake cast alone – I love Chris Hemsworth, pair him up with Jessica Biel and Lawrence Fishburne and you have an awesome mix

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