Movie Review: Gone with the Wind or A Rant About My Dislike for Scarlett O’Hara

In case the blog title isn’t enough of a give away I did not like Scarlett O’Hara, so unfortunately my opinion of this movie was fairly marred by that dislike. I went into this movie with a bit of unease based purely on the fact that it was two discs long. I had issues getting through some of the movies when they were only long enough to fill one disc. If this one wasn’t enjoyable I had that much longer to sit through, and boy howdy did I not enjoy most of this movie.

The movie begins with an Overture. I somewhat feel like overtures are best left to live theater, there they have a purpose. The lights are dimming, people are settling and preparing for the play to begin. However in a movie what’s the point? I guess people need to get settled at home too. Another thing I’ve noticed in older movies (thus far) is that they have the credits before the movie instead of at the end. This too prolongs the time you sit through before the movie. A special thing about Gone with the Wind is that it first played the overture and then did the credits? Clearly back in the day they weren’t two birds with one stone people. Anyway I did enjoy the fact that they did the cast credits more like a play. Called them ‘The Players” even, then had it segmented like you see in playbooks. IE At Tara (The O’Hara Plantation in Georgia) – Gerald O’Hara….Thomas Mitchell / Ellen, his wife….Barbara O’Neill   Their Daughters   Scarlett….Vivien Leigh / Suellen … Evelyn Keyes etc.

Anyway after all of the music the movie finally begins and we’re graced with the presence of Scarlett O’Hara who is ‘busy’ listening to two of her beaus chat about the war. This displeases her, so she feigns a tantrum and threatens to leave if they don’t stop. This sums up Scarlett in a nutshell. Super manipulative, vein, conceded…on and on I could go, but why? Shortly after a bomb is dropped – Ashley Wilkes (a neighbor) is engaged which sends Scarlett in to a frenzy. Everyone is suppose to be heading to Ashley’s for a picnic so she dresses in a somewhat risque dress and heads over. At the party she is hell bent on making Ashley jealous and see that he should be with her not his cousin. After that doesn’t work she point blank tells him she is in love with them and they have a rather large falling out. Overhearing the fall out is Rhett Butler.

What can I say about Rhett Butler? I like him purely because he’s 100% honest about the fact that he is a bit of a rake. Yes he looks out for number 1 but he never lies about that. Although morally he’s not a great character out of the two leads I’d rather know him over Scarlett. Is that his womanizing ways speaking? Anyway the movie is really long and lots of stuff happens (civil war, loss of a few husbands, carpetbaggers invade etc). Scarlett marries a few times before she finally marries Rhett and each time it’s for her own gain, and Rhett calls her on it. Not until she finally succeeds in driving Rhett away does she realize how much she is in love with him and not stupid Ashley however by this time he has left her for the final time. She vows to return to her home (Tarra) and in the morning she will find away to get Rhett back. She is prepetually chasing a man who no longer loves her. Through 80% of the movie she chases Ashley even though time and time again he tells her he doesn’t love her. It isn’t until the last time it finally sinks in and she realizes she doesn’t care because she loves Rhett.

The amusing bit of watching this is while talking about it with my middle sister she informed me that I had the same exact comments as our oldest sister did. My oldest sister tired to read it and said

  1. it’s super long
  2. I hate Scarlett O’Hara
  3. I can’t find one redeeming quality in her character

which sums up what I had to say about it. Perhaps the movie and the book were fairly inline (which doesn’t necessarily happen often). Although I think the book is probably even more racists – I think that was a comment of my sister’s. Or perhaps I learned that it school. Either way I’ve spent enough effort on Scarlett O’Hara, this is one book I wont be discovering for myself. Not unless every other book I wish to read is already read and I’v already reread hunger games a million times before. So yeah, I don’t foresee it happening. One nice thing about the movie was that it was in color so all of the lovely costumes and scenery took on more life then they have in the past Oscar winners. (Actually, I think it was colorized but that is neither here nor their – if I’m going to watch it it’s nice that I got to see all of it).

Anyway that’s enough negativity, until next time ~ Q


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