Clothes vs Outfits

Very rarely do I wear “outfits”. Usually I just throw something together and hope they coordinate enough to pass as acceptable clothes for work. This doesn’t always pan out (yesterday I wore this shirt to work…I paired it with a denim skirt in hopes to ‘dress it up’ enough for work). I’m not a fashionista by any means. In the future I imagine I’ll be a reluctant contestant on What Not to Wear. However today I actually pulled together an outfit. One that once I saw it made me think ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ (complete with cat-eye sunglasses). Only suitable for a work environment that is usually jeans and a business casual top. I think I get the Tiffany’s part from all the sparklies I wore, and then just wearing black with the sunglasses is reminiscent of the movie cover, only she’s in a dress. The best part was I picked the various elements based on the fact that I heard it was suppose to be triple digits in our part of the state. I don’t think it ever actually made it that high but that is neither here nor there. What’s the outfit you ask? Well here is a rough polyvore creation of what it looked like. OutfitIs this what being an adult is all about? Maturing enough to pull yourself into an outfit mentality over whatever works? I feel like one could make a metaphor about that, but that’s not my style. I just like sparkly stuff and not sweating like a wildebeest. Not going to lie though, I felt pretty snazzy today. That being said I know if I plan an outfit on purpose it will not work. So I’ll just wait for the next time I accidentally pull an outfit off and enjoy the randomness that occurs until then. Until next time ~ Q

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