Movie Review: Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein

One of the things I like so much about this movie is that to this day (after rewatching it dozens of times) it makes me laugh. So many great lines that don’t rely too much on cultural context to be funny. Also it plays on the nostalgia of a different time. (Where sometimes guys tucked their ties into their high pants).

We took a moment to freeze and get into character before the kids arrived.

Anyway like every time I’ve watched this flick it was great and a great way to top of a wonderful evening. We had our trick-or-treat night last night in town (in case you’ve missed me mentioning it one of the previous posts…it’s consumed my life up until tonight). My co-workers and I went all out and dressed up as gnomes, which to be honest did scare some kids. ‘Scare’ might be the wrong word, but they were apprehensive (my manager’s kid wouldn’t walk up to her the first time the came into the office).

I wasn’t sure how successful the night would be, it being the first year we had the event. There were over 150 kids and may places ran out of candy (and by extension Dollar General, but that could be everyone in the town needing back up). All in all it was a great night and I think everyone was pleased with the outcome.

Oh, also I got to have a Doctor Who geek out. A guy was dressed up as the fourth Doctor. As soon as he came in a laughed and gave him props which made him equally happy. Shockingly I was the only one that had recognized his costume. Then his son told me about how he had Dalek cupcakes at his birthday party (he is not afraid of them). That is how I want my kids to be, life might be tough for them if they don’t share my love.

Until tomorrow (with the final Halloween movie double-feature!) ~ Q

During Movie Thoughts:

  • “I’m a union man, I only work 16 hour days.”
    “A union man only works 8 hour days.”
    “I belong to two unions” – Gold
  • Dracula going in and out of the coffin is clearly just messing with Wilbur. So mean.
  • Yes, be afraid of Wilbur, not the mannequin holding a butcher’s knife.
  • Why are Chick and Wilbur staying in a hotel? Something I’ve never understood.
  • Chick is such a joker, pretending to be hypnotized. Also so mean too, hitting Wilbur.
  • I saw what I saw when I saw it
  • Oh, everyone is trying to use Wilbur…poor guy.
  • Can we bring back the ‘[insert name] sends me’
  • “Yours had teeth”
    “Did you see that tooth”
    “Yes, I happened to see it”
    “She had so much bridge work every time I kissed her I had to pay toll”
    – Such witty lines
  • Why would you answer the phone in a stranger’s house (It’s Scream 2 all over again)
  • I really want a moat in my basement (or waterway access)
  • Joan Raymond, you are not sneaky
  • Your will is NOT as strong as Dracula
  • “Professor, do you understand women?”
    “I don’t even try.” – smart man
  • Why the bats in the eyes, so weird.
  • Why is it that werewolves always have to acknowledge the full moon before their transformation is triggered? Just don’t look.
  • McDougal just can’t get anything right
  • First hit with a chair, then thrown out a window, Sandra is having a rough night
  • Hehehe, barricading a door that opens out, love it!
  • That is the most winding circular house, ever
  • Diving grab for bat with amazing splash effect!
  • Wilbur, why does it take you so long to untie the boat? Silly man
  • Best way to end a movie ever – with Vincent Price’s disembodied voice. Good choice

Movie Double Feature (only not really) Scream 2 & The Nightmare Before Christmas

Continuing my movie marathon I had planned on watching Scream 2 and Nightmare Before Christmas. Since, as I’ve stated before, we have down town trick-or-treating that I’m co-in charge of I had to take sometime last night to fill luminaries with sand. I only was able to watch Scream 2 (luckily filling bags after the movie fulfilled my rule of having to do something to unwind after a scary movie)

The thing about scream 2 is that somethings feel very forced, like the Dewey-Gale love line. Is it necessary? Not really. Can’t he just be mad at her, do they have to have this reconnecting moment? Or can’t the reconnecting moment be that she really isn’t as terrible as she portrays 85% of the time? Sidney is fairly inconsistent, very hot and cold. However, surviving as many traumas as she has I can see how that would happen, but still. You shouldn’t rely on audiences giving her that break. All in all though I still jumped and cringed so they did there job, right?

Until tomorrow ~ Q

During Movie Thoughts:

  • Really, you’re commenting about how her wardrobe choice moves the plot of the story along. It’s a HORROR movie, there isn’t an earth shattering plot. Stupid comment dumb character who will be dead in 5 minutes.
  • And boyfriend of the year award goes to….you Mr. Jump out of the closet
  • Never listen to other bathroom stalls, lesson learned
  • time to change numbers again, that would not be cool
  • ‘a vague promise at best’…I’ll have to use that
  • Is Sidney destined to always hit Gale upon their first meeting?
  • Is having the girl who is the vampire slayer watching Nosferatu an example of directorial intent?
  • Memo to self, throw bike at attacker. Seriously bikes are awkward when you’re on one, how much harder to maneuver when one is thrown at you.
  • Yes, we’ve all been underage drinking, lets rush to where there are cops!
  • Why would you answer a phone at a random sorority? Bad call
  • Yes make your distraught girlfriend the center of attention by singing her a love song in the cafeteria. Nice gesture and all but a better one would be something private, no?
  • Didn’t Sidney crack a shot about ‘with her luck Tori Spelling would play her’ in Scream 1. Hey Luke Wilson!
  • Dewy and Randy are 5 – ‘if I’m a suspect so are you’
  • “The battle for the soul is fought in the forum of art” – I do like that
  • Here Sidney, let me protect you by moving you by an exit and leaving you
  • Greek Tragedy, nice symbolism
  • Can you look any more guilty Cotton
  • Nice theme music for Dewey
  • “Ask Cotton, he’s the real hero.” Gag me.
  • Sidney flip flops her opinions on people every two seconds…Gale (she saved our lives….smack!), Boyfriend (we should stay apart… i love you… leave me alone) Cotton – you see where this is going

Movie Double Feature: Scream & The Corpse Bride

As promised a Halloween countdown double feature. Day 1: The Scream Bride

Scream is your typical slasher flick. Unknown assailant terrorizing a person/small group that usually turns out to be closely connected to the group. In this case *spoiler* the two boyfriends. The thing about this movie that always gets me is the fact that Drew Barrymore is up front and very prominent in the poster and she is one of the first to die (making her not be in the movie very long). Where Rose McGowan makes it about 2/3 through and isn’t even mentioned on the poster. Oh well, put the names up that will draw the crowds, right? (Like Tim Curry being on the Alice miniseries cover when he’s in it for seriously 5 minutes. That’s cool I like Curry, and Barrymore for that matter)

Corpse Bride is your typical Burton flick. Johnny Depp, Helena Carter, Danny Elfman (who is one of my favorite composers) with a dash of Christopher Lee. I say this but I do enjoy it. I’m always amazed they could get the severely proportioned figures to work. Victor’s legs (if they were using the type of clay we used in elementary school) wouldn’t even roll out that consistently, let alone hold up to the task of being bent a lot. I also like something about how the characters became more colorful after death…there’s something to that.

Both movies are good picks for the haunting season. Scream has that scare element people seem to crave during Halloween, and the trilogy is a staple in the genre. Corpse Bride has the costuming and visuals that make the holiday so fun.

Until tomorrow ~ Q

During Movie Thoughts:

  • Poor Steve, he really didn’t do anything
  • why, Why, WHY are girls in scary movies so dumb
  • Wow, look at Gail’s suit
  • Only in a movie would that many upperclassmen ride the bus
  • Oh 90s where have you gone? Belly shirts…VHS…a kid having a ‘cellular’ telephone is questionable
  • I am not entirely certain that the garage door would be able to lift/kill a girl.
  • ‘[Life] is all just one big movie’…very insightful Billy
  • ‘we prefer the term psychotic’
  • ‘movies make psychos more creative’
  • the cracking neck movement is creepy in a movie…always
  • Stu and Billy falling apart at the end is possibly the best part of the movie
  • ‘did you really call the police…my parents are going to be so mad at me’
  • really? you have enough time to find/change into creepy mask and call the police you were out of sight for about a minute

Corpse Bride

  • It began with a butterfly
  • Wear do I go to school to make awesome claymation sculptures?
  • What it must be like to have such an unsupportive mother (either of them)? It would be horrible
  • I should make myself some calling cards. I shall hand them out when I arrive places
  • Stuff it Lord Barkis, he’s an awkward musician, of course he is a catch
  • If I ever leave Story City it will be to a place where there is a town crier….and then I will promptly steal said persons job…or become their apprentice. ‘Fishy fiance could be canned’ gold
  • Who do I talk to about changing my life story into a catchy song?
  • Ukrainian Haunting Spell….can that take me on a quick trip anywhere? I’d be interested in something like that – hello afternoon in Athens. Where do I get one of those spell egg laying birds?
  • I wouldn’t mind spiders nearly as much if they did all my sewing
  • It ended with a butterfly

LOEB: Halloween Traditions

I’ve been away but I’m back and kicking with a series of posts all about Halloween. To kick the week off we have The League‘s question for the week (I’m a little late in getting to it): What are your Halloween traditions?

I would have to say I don’t have many traditions. Mainly I just start listening to The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack at the middle or beginning of the month (depending on when the need hits me) and then I make sure I watch it before the month is out. This pulls double duty for me, watching this movie. I always want to get my Christmas shopping done way before the holidays (perhaps it’s because of people like me that we see the Christmas stuff go open in July. Hobby Lobby I’m talking to you). So I get to celebrate both Christmas and Halloween in one movie when both are on the brain anyway.

In the end, nothing says Halloween more to me than scary movies and Tim Burton. With this in mind I’m going to have a marathon of double features:
Sunday (tonight/right now in fact) I’ll pair Scream with the Corpse Bride
Monday I’ll watch Scream 2 and Nightmare Before Christmas
Tuesday is trick-or-treat night and I’ll be working late so I’ll just watch Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (a must for every year)
Concluding Wednesday with Scream 3 and Sleepy Hallow.

I have a rule, if I watch a scary movie I need something to tone me down after it, hence the Burton follow ups.

Also, nothing delights me more than those pumpkin things. Absolutely terrible for you, but I swear all the good stuff is (except my spinach-grape smoothie. I love that. I try to substitute other fruit in but it never tastes as good as the grapes.)

Still to come will also be all my Halloween costumes. I’ve dressed up as Red Riding Hood so far, but still have a garden gnome and Shy Violet/Indigo to be. Stories to accompany the photos.  All in all I have a lot going on the Halloween, which is unusual for me. I guess that’s what comes from starting your life anew right? This time last year I was moving out of my parents house. One year changes a lot.

So not a whole lot in this post, sorry, but lots coming this week. Honestly you’ll be sick of me.

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Dieting Nonsense

So I’m on a diet. (Don’t worry, I wont be posting obnoxiously about how awesome it’s going, and I promise no stupid self-take mirror shots.) Diets are no fun, but neither is being out of breath after jogging for a minute so diet it is. Anyway I’ve been doing this thing where you are suppose to eat only fruits and vegetables for two weeks and then do a ‘master cleanse’ for 3-10 days (your choice) after which you just adopt a healthy mix of foods. During the master cleanse you only drink a lemonade mixture with syrup mixed in, or at least that is what I thought. I started the master cleanse today and feel like it is utter nonsense. I misread the instructions, when I read it the first time I figured I could do lemonade only for three days no problem. Problem. To begin each day you have to drink 4 cups of salt water FOUR CUPS!! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this but it made me want to gag. Actually it did make me gag it made me want to vomit.

This lead me to thinking of all the stupid diets there are out there. The bacon only diet, the no carb diet, the no dairy diet (lactose intolerant people excluded) on and on and on. Seriously, typing this I still have the unpleasant taste of salt in my mouth, it just wont go away. No more salt water for me. Seriously four cups. Let me hit you with some knowledge. According to this website (which came up when I searched stomach capacity) the stomach can hold up to 2 – 4 liters of stuff when fully expanded. I filled half (or a fourth if super expanded) of my stomach with nauseating water which didn’t make me inclined to add more to it to make it feel better. Maybe that’s how this part of the diet works. Makes you want to never eat again. Ever.

Anyway that’s my tirade. However before this evil part I’ve been doing just fine just managing my portions. So we’ll be going back to that tomorrow. I’m serious this is the only day I’ll be doing that salt water mumbo jumbo (and only because it’s already done). Ah well, live and learn and then eat well.

~ Q

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Ah fall, the time of the year that my skin goes all komodo dragon on me, my hair can summon socks there is so much static, and I leave for the day in a sweater and wish for a tank by the afternoon. Yes, fall is here. Joking aside fall may just be my favorite time of year. I’m a sweatshirt and jeans girl and fall is the best time for those. If you wear them in summer you will definitely get looked at funny and it’s annoying wearing full on sweatshirts in winter because they are quite bulky or grabby when layering with a winter coat. No no, fall is the time for me. Despite all the shortcomings (read the first sentence again if you’ve forgotten) they can be easily overcome: lotion, hairspray, layers. Why do I love fall so much? Everything starts back up.

The performing arts series have started back up, town activities are in full swing. I’ve already written about the Story festival, now tonight there are business tours, this weekened there is a halloween party, and then I’m in charge of trick-or-treating downtown. I’m really excited for that event, it’s the first time we’ve done it in town and so far it sounds like it will be a hit. Especially because even if the weather is bad it’s the most sensical place for people to still go. A lot of the businesses are participating so even if its really cold you can go to a lot of different places in a short amount of space. Lot’s of bang for your buck, in the kids’ eyes (and it’s free to boot). Things just happen in fall. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that after vacationing all summer one only has about two months (or so) before the ground is overcome with snow that urges things to be crammed in to the best season.

There is also the crispness in the air, the crunching of leaves underfoot and all the homey food. Fall is the best food season, with the finally (Thanksgiving) at the end. Think about it, there are apple pies, apple cider, squash, pumpkin pie and more. Its the harvest season so everything is fresh. Also the color palette isn’t to shabby. The greens fade to yellow, orange and red while still being set off by a brilliant blue sky. I was taking a drive last week and looked out at the golden fields against the blue sky and green trees and the phrase ‘Is this heaven? No it’s Iowa’ popped into my head and it’s so true. So get out and enjoy the season, it’s halfway gone already and winter is coming.

Ciao ~ Q

LOEB: Going on a trip – into a fandom, sort of

After taking a week off of the League, the prompts are back with: Take a trip to anywhere in pop culturedom. What fictional town, time, or world would you want to visit? Aka possibly the hardest question to date. I read way to much fantasy/sci-fi, so to figure out where to go I sat down and looked at my book shelf. HUGE mistake. Instantly there were too many ideas (Long partial list at the end of the post, wont bore those who aren’t into lists).

I ultimately had to follow Mr. Potter and go to school. I love the old Wizarding School of J.K. Rowling’s creation. If I could visit Hogwarts (and Hogsmeade) that would be amazing. Whether I tried to get points by throwing stuff through Moaning Myrtle or try to earn them for my house as we compete for the cup. Through thousands of pages Rowling spun a web that lay a firm foundation for those who have imaginations to leap from room to room, forever envisioning what goes on at Hogwarts when Harry and Company aren’t there.

I’d love to be stuck in literary limbo there. This may sound weird, but come with me on this tangent (or skip to the end of the paragraph). We did this play in high school called Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (by Tom Stoppard). That play follows the characters of Rosencrantz and and Guildenstern through their part in Hamlet. However, rather than inventing where there were in the story (for instance having tea with one another) we follow the characters into limbo. A state where they no longer truly exist, they just wait, until it’s time for them to be important to Hamlet’s story again. Now unlike these two, who were in a void, I’d want to be in Hogwarts. To just go out of my own story for a spell and have all the time in the world to traverse the trick stair cases or wander the halls. It’d obviously be a magical experience.

The best part about visiting Hogwarts are all the layers to the grounds. You have the school itself, then the permitted grounds (green houses, Quidditch pitch, etc), then the restricted sections (forbidden forests, tunnels out of the school, etc) but you’d also get to go to Hogsmeade. An all magical town with an awesome joke shop and candy store. When I was a little kid my family would take vacation out to visit family friends in Montana. In the town where the family lived there was this candy store that we were madly in love with. I’m pretty sure we got a jaw breaker every year, and every year it took us weeks to finish the thing. Of course that made it the best purchase, it lasted longer than the vacation. When I imagine Honeydukes I imagine that candy store, only on crack. Of course I’d have to finish my time in the village with a trip to The Three Broomsticks for a swig of butter beer before heading back home. (As a side note, I had a version of butter beer made of cream soda with a dash of rum and a dash of butter extract – if memory serves – it was oddly good. I’ll have to make it again for the Halloween season (which is the last time I had it).)

To follow other league member’s visits check out the master list, other vacation options include joining an otter in a band or check out a pretty interesting hotel room. Other members are visiting Q’s lab, Eternia, Gotham, Goodwill Haunting makes a roadtrip of it, Hill Valley, Jurassic Park, Zion, Paris Opera House (loved how they chose where to go!), the Power Broker, and Jathniel (like me) had many ideas.

Anyway, that’s my choice, Harry Potter – what a shock. (Although some might have assumed I’d stick with Sherlock or the Doctor)

Until next time ~ Q

Other options that flooded my brain:

  • 221B Baker Street-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (I’ve actually been, there’s a museum. Although the real one was supposedly re-numbered because so many people wanted to see the real place where the character lived)
  • Asteroid B-612-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (the caged flower, with the volcanos that need to be tended)
  • Axis Institute-Catherine Jinks (With courses in basic lying, pure evil, manipulation, misinformation and mutation it’d be a school that’d always keep you on your toes)
  • Belesse Casle-Vivian Vande Velde (Not sure if that’s the name of it or not, but I’d love to take a stroll with Oliver the Cat)
  • Camelot (of Arthurian legend)
  • Camp Calamitas-J.I. Greco (Zombies anyone?)
  • Camp Half-Blood (or New Rome)-Rick Riordan (I’ve been to both Athens and Rome and I’ve always been interested in the mythology. I must go to these camps)
  • City of Progress/Freelan- James Patterson & Gabrielle Charbonnet
  • Florin/Guilder-William Goldman (and the cliffs of INSANITY)
  • Giant Peach-Roald Dahl
  • Green Gables-Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • G.R.O.S.S. club house-Bill Watterson (Oh to be a fly on the wall when Calvin and Hobbes got in a fight about rule changes or decrees)
  • Haven
  • Heart Queendom of Wonderland-Frank Beddor
  • Highbury-Jane Austen
  • Hotel Dolphin-Stephen King (despite the likelihood of death, I need to know what is wrong with that room!)
  • Isle of Berk-Cressida Cowell (I want my own pet dragon!)
  • Illyria-William Shakespeare
  • Lyra’s World-Philip Pullman (Only so I could see my soul represented as an animal. When things are only theoretical, you can interpret them or explain them in so many ways. When it becomes physical, it gets harder. For instance it’d be harder to explain away why people call you a snake when one is with you always, showing others what you are)
  • Kingdom of Wisdom-Norton Juster (I’d want to skip any feasts though, and I’d need a quick trip to the Island of Conclusions)
  • Middle-Earth-J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Midlands-Terry Gookind
  • Narnia-C.S. Lewis
  • Neptune High (I could have totally been a Watson to Veronica’s Sherlock)
  • Neverland-J.M. Barrie
  • Oz-L. Frank Baum
  • Panem-Suzanne Collins (post the second revolution, that way I could look in the history books/old magazines)
  • Pemberley-Jane Austen
  • Pern-Anne McCaffrey (see Isle of Berk)
  • Shiz University-Gregory Maguire
  • Sleepy Hollow-Washington Irving
  • Stormhold-Neil Gaiman
  • Storybrook (I’d probably be stuck there having been the servant of some fluffy princess…or maybe I am stuck in a cursed town…Storybrook-Story City…it’s all so obvious now)
  • The T.A.R.D.I.S. (through all of space and time)
  • Troy-Homer (Was she really that beautiful, the face that launched a thousand ships)
  • Uglyville-Scott Westerfeld (or New Pretty Town. Uglyville has shenanigans and NPT has killer parties)
  • Uriel-Madeleine L’Engle (or the star watching rock throughout A Swiftly Tilting Planet)
  • Vincent Plum Bail Bonds-Janet Evanovich
  • Warehouse 13 (I never forget a face – obviously that means I have a secret ability that would work well at the warehouse)
  • Wayside School-Louis Sachar
  • Winterfell-George R.R. Martin (How big are dire wolves, or is it all hyperbole)
  • Wonderland-derived from the SyFy mini series Alice
  • Wonderland-Lewis Carrol (Tea with the Hatter and Hare is a must on this visit)
  • Wonka Factory-Roald Dahl (I wonder what the lyrics would be to my song as the Oompa Loompas carted me off)
  • Xavier’s school for gifted youngsters (If I got a power/ability to go with it)