LOEB: Halloween Traditions

I’ve been away but I’m back and kicking with a series of posts all about Halloween. To kick the week off we have The League‘s question for the week (I’m a little late in getting to it): What are your Halloween traditions?

I would have to say I don’t have many traditions. Mainly I just start listening to The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack at the middle or beginning of the month (depending on when the need hits me) and then I make sure I watch it before the month is out. This pulls double duty for me, watching this movie. I always want to get my Christmas shopping done way before the holidays (perhaps it’s because of people like me that we see the Christmas stuff go open in July. Hobby Lobby I’m talking to you). So I get to celebrate both Christmas and Halloween in one movie when both are on the brain anyway.

In the end, nothing says Halloween more to me than scary movies and Tim Burton. With this in mind I’m going to have a marathon of double features:
Sunday (tonight/right now in fact) I’ll pair Scream with the Corpse Bride
Monday I’ll watch Scream 2 and Nightmare Before Christmas
Tuesday is trick-or-treat night and I’ll be working late so I’ll just watch Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (a must for every year)
Concluding Wednesday with Scream 3 and Sleepy Hallow.

I have a rule, if I watch a scary movie I need something to tone me down after it, hence the Burton follow ups.

Also, nothing delights me more than those pumpkin things. Absolutely terrible for you, but I swear all the good stuff is (except my spinach-grape smoothie. I love that. I try to substitute other fruit in but it never tastes as good as the grapes.)

Still to come will also be all my Halloween costumes. I’ve dressed up as Red Riding Hood so far, but still have a garden gnome and Shy Violet/Indigo to be. Stories to accompany the photos.  All in all I have a lot going on the Halloween, which is unusual for me. I guess that’s what comes from starting your life anew right? This time last year I was moving out of my parents house. One year changes a lot.

So not a whole lot in this post, sorry, but lots coming this week. Honestly you’ll be sick of me.

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