Ideal Saturdays [Daily Prompt]

What would my ideal Saturday be? Perhaps I’m being influenced by the season or circumstance (the heat is out in my apartment so even though I’m not cold my brian is telling me I should be) but I think my ideal Saturday would involve burrowing. I’d wake up, make my self breakfast (waffles or pancakes with a mug of chai or coco), snuggle up on the couch with a quilt and dive into a good book (literally, my ‘too read’ pile is getting obnoxiously big). Why am I not partaking in said utopia today? One of my besties is graduating with her masters today and she came down last night to stay and celebrate with me! I’m so proud of her. Speaking of, I should go be a hostess.

Fun prompt, although now I’m torn between wanting to hang with my buddy and wanting to be anti-social and curl up on the couch. Until next time ~ Q


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