Flawed [Daily Prompt]

What is my worst quality? There are SO many to choose from how can I possibly narrow it down to just one?

  • I ramble a lot
  • tell pointless stories
  • don’t use my vocabulary very well (hence the super fascinating posts)
  • terrible at math
  • hate cleaning
  • delay dishes
  • insert what you will …

However the thing I’ve been catching myself doing a lot lately is hijacking people’s stories to tell a tangent of my own ie being a conversation killer. The thing is I don’t realize (until I’ve opened my mouth) that I do it, I would just start talking. There is definitely a disconnect between my brain and mouth. Now (that I have caught myself doing it so much) I try to tenuously bring the story back to the person. A small step I suppose, even better would be if I didn’t do it in the first place. I’m sure I have many worse qualities but that’s the one I’m most consciously annoyed by and working on.


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