So leader, what have you been up to? [Daily Prompt]

I’m not so up on politics, I don’t know the issues, ignorance is bliss (sorry, I’m part of the problem).

However in light of the tragedy last week a topic that has been throw into the face of everyone old enough to google is gun control. I don’t know the answer and I’d hate to be the one who has to find one. I hate how some politicans just shrug their shoulders and act like they can’t possibly do anything, then you shouldn’t have applied for the job. If you’re not willing to search for a solution you shouldn’t be in office. It’s not like I tell the people who come into work that the machine is out of paper so I can’t possibly make them copies. No, I work with them and figure out if something else will work. Okay, completely terrible analogy but I have a very low stake job and I like it that way.

So I guess if I were to talk to a politician (or have them accomplish one thing like the prompt suggests) I’d ask them to work to realistically solve just ONE thing. There are so many issues/problems they could under take:

  • deficit
  • sustainable resources
  • gun control
  • education
  • unemployment
  • medical issues
  • foreign policies (even though maybe we should take care of our own stuff before we stick our noses in others’)…

I know they are all human and I’m not asking for the world, I’m just asking them to do something. They spent all that time and effort winning the job, now it’s time to do something. That’s my soap box, do something.


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