If I were leaving on a jet plane [Daily Prompt]

Oh decisions, decisions. Where to go if I were going to study abroad for a year? How does one decide? It all depends if there are rules, and even then I don’t know if I could decide.

IMG_6295If I was restricted to only being in one country for the duration of time I may pick the UK (which is kind of cheating because it’s actually four). It’d be so easy to divide up my time between then, 3 months exploring each (I’d take online classes so this would work). I’ve always had a love affair with Great Britain and Northern Ireland (in case my interest in their pop culture has been hidden from you in the past – Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who…) and it would be nice to flush out the understanding outside the stereotype I have in my head. I spent a long weekend in London when I studied abroad in Rome (including a day in Oxford) and it simply was not enough time to take everything in. Although we did try our best to do it. I think it’d be lovely but also a somewhat lazy choice. No real language barrier (accents don’t count for the time being), no huge cultural difference (not as drastic as say living in Asia for a year would be), no obvious issues that are part of the learning experience that studying abroad should have.

We decided to pretend we were shooting a CD cover.

We decided to pretend we were shooting a CD cover.

With that mindset I think Greece would be a very interesting country to live in as well. As the gateway to the east it has an interesting blend of art and culture that not even a year could put a dent in. I took a long weekend here as well and didn’t even make it out of Athens, barely out of the Palaka. Besides the few days our class had a field trip to Switzerland this was almost the hardest trip I was on because the alphabet system is so different. Fortunately since we were in a tourist-ridden town they had signs using the English alphabet as well (which I could at least take a stab at sounding out. What sound does a delta make?) The history of this country, from city-states to present-day state, is infused into so much of their culture (or at least that was my impression) that I think being there would be an out of this world experience.

Other places:

  • South Africa
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Ireland
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Ethiopia
  • Galapagos Islands
  • Australia

I guess I’ll just get my PHD in traveling and be a full time student.


8 thoughts on “If I were leaving on a jet plane [Daily Prompt]

  1. Love your answer! We hope to stay longer in Athens next time we visit and hopefully even live there for a while. London has always fascinated me but it’s kind of a money hogger.

    We barely visited some of the major sights in Athens and we stayed for 5 days this spring!

    • Too true about the money in London, it’s deceptive in a way. We’d go here and there spending a couple pounds several times simply forgetting it was nearly a 2 – 1 conversion rate. Adds up quickly.

      5 days in Athens in the spring – sounds divine! We were there in early December and were surprised with how hot it was. I hadn’t done my research but it was at least 30 degrees warmer then Rome was at the time! I agree though, you can never spend too much time in Athens, there is just so much to see!

      • We were lucky to have 21C and sunshine in Rome (2 days), yet 8C and rain in Athens LOL but there was also some sunshine when we were there. Too bad the flowers weren’t in bloom yet 😦
        Yup, small things really add up in London and the Pound is well…very powerful lol

  2. Viva Violet says:

    Love this. I’ve never been to the UK, and I’ve always wanted to. I’ve been in love with Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes, and have just started watching Dr. Who. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland especially. Oh, and I would give anything to be in London at Christmas ❤

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