Hello Big Boy, Welcome to the Daily Prompt

Today’s DP? Interview an inanimate object.

Hello Mr. Big Boy, thanks for taking the time to meet with me today.

Although it’s my pleasure, obviously, it’s not like I had a choice, did I.

Too true too true, and do you get many visitors?

IMG_2738A handful. They are usually just after my goods though. Many seem quite keen to eat my burger, which always amuses me. Unless they can unhinge their jaw like a snake they’ll get no where.

So, where do you call home now?

The City Museum, here in St. Louis.

Wow, in such a big city I bet you see a lot of action here.

Yes, I suppose so. If I had to ‘retire’ there are worse places.

Retire? Where were you before the City Museum?

Oh, at an eatery on the outskirts of Toledo.


Yes. Well like I was saying, there are worse places to retire. I have this cousin who worked in Sandusky and well, things weren’t going his way and he became a drifer of sorts. Now I hear he’s in a real dump, although none of the family is quite sure where he lives.

So he’s fallen on some pretty hard times.

Most definitely, I feel bad for the guy but there isn’t much I can do. When I retired from Big Boy I was only thirty so now I work full time here. It’s not like I can go off on an adventure to find him. You know, I have to be here, for the people.

And so many people there are.

Right? I love this location. I can see the kids running up and down the ramps and going down the slides, but it’s nights like tonight I really love.

Why is that?

You see that room right there? It’s a banquet hall, so people can have all sorts of events. You’d be shocked at how many wedding receptions want to be held at a glorified playground.


Yeah, look, there’s one going on right now!

Wow, so there is.

I love weddings. You get to see so much about the two getting married from their families. My favorite ones are when the two, well four, sides of the family are so opposite. You get to see the range of people that influenced the people that are now going to set of and live the rest of their lives together. If you study well you can see the quirks in relatives that combined to make such opposite people work well together.

Wow Mr. Boy, that is…. profound.

Just call me Big. Yes, but no matter what the families are like what I love the most is just how happy everyone is and the looks of complete love that the bride and groom sneak each other.

Oh how sweet. Well, Big, I hate to say it but our time is coming to a close.

So soon?

Sadly so, however if you’d agree, I’ll have my assistant take our picture.


The one that tried to eat the burger before we started our chat.

Oh…very well then, so long as she’s not in the photo.

Ouch, but fair. Thanks for taking time out of your observation of the latest newly weds to chat with us.

Like I said, my pleasure.



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