High time for gratitude and giving


When I read the prompt this morning I was filled with curiosity to know what I would be doing/thinking about at noon today. As I sat around the dinner table with all of my immediate family surrounding me I was nothing but grateful. Getting to spend the season of celebrating Jesus’s birth with the people I love most in this world is the greatest gift I could ever receive. Although we did spend the morning exchanging the gifts we got one another. I’m very excited about the gift of time will be spending including a cribbage match that we will be playing this afternoon, I’ve never played cribbage before last night and I’m sure it’s going to be a super fun. We always play board games when we get together and although it may not be the same as murder train I’m sure the evening will play filled with laughs. So at this high noon I am filled with thoughts of love and gratitude for my amazing family.


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