1984 – so glad I wasn’t alive yet [Daily Prompt]

1984-posterThe last time I read something that bit or stung me would probably be this summer with George Orwell’s 1984. I’m not entirely sure that it counts though since I didn’t actually finish the book. I kept waiting and waiting for that section that would take me in and urge me to devour the rest of the book. Instead I just kept forcing myself to go chapter by chapter until I decided to give up and read some fluffy piece. However there were lots of themes that made me think and I’m captivated by the Ministry of Misinformation and the extremeness of the society in which Winston lives daily. It’s not shocking he’s alone, in that world where children are encouraged to eavesdrop and report back to the government how could you ever trust anything when you can’t even trust your child. Crazy doesn’t begin to cover it.

6 thoughts on “1984 – so glad I wasn’t alive yet [Daily Prompt]

  1. Arianne Z. says:

    My experience reading this book is just the same. I started it but can’t finish it for some reason. Glad to know I’m not alone (hehe). I read Animal Farm in less than two hours so I thought this will also be an “easy” read. I hope to finish the book next year =)

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