Don’t quote me

Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

If you went to my high school in the last two decades odds are you know this quote “Be where you are suppose to be, when you are suppose to be there, doing what you are suppose to be doing“.

I will forever be linked by proxy to this quote because my father (the high school principal) used it every year in his opening speech. He told us that if we followed that simple directive we’d have no need to see him, ever. He went on to add that if we followed it in life we’d also save ourselves a lot of trouble, and if you think about it, it’s true.

Your wife sends you out to get milk because the baby will need some when he wakes. Now if you just go to the store right then and get the milk you’ll be prepared when the kid wakes up fifteen minutes early. However if you don’t do it, then you’ll have to deal with both the angry cries of a child and the death glare from your wife. I’m guessing that both are undesirable.

Or an in-school example. I was in class talking. Talking so much that with two minutes left in class my teacher still sent me to the office. If I would have just sat in class and took notes (which is what I should have done, silently) I wouldn’t have then had to sit in the office and chat with an upset father. I know that one is undesirable.

So if there is one quote that I consistently bear in mind it’s that one.


8 thoughts on “Don’t quote me

  1. I have never heard that particular quote before, but it is a good one. My favorite quote was said to me, over and over, by my paternal grandmother. We talked about it just last week. She always told me to enjoy my children, that “When they are little they step on your toes, but when they are grown they step on your heart”. I have appreciated that quote more and more as my daughters grew up, specifically in the last 18 years. I tell my grandmother about it every chance I get, and she remembers and will tell it to me again. I will have to ask her where she heard it and do a little research on my own to see if I can find the origin.

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