Don’t play favorites

I don’t know if I have a favorite person. That or I have fifty (no middle ground) all for various reasons. My mom, my gal pals, my sisters, my dad, my nephew….you see where I’m going with this. However if I had to pick a favorite it’d be this girl: Imagethat’s right, it’s me. I’m not really a narcissus, but you have to like yourself, right? You’re always with your own mind. Now this may be a stretch but the longest I’ve been away from myself was the first time I got a migraine.

My advice to anyone would be “don’t get a migraine.” Super helpful I know since you don’t really get much say in the matter. Anyway, I was a sophmore in college and I was in studio when the rim of my vision started to get blurry. Once that class was over I called my mom t. Ask her about scheduling an optometrist appointment. We discussed that maybe my eyes were just suffering from fatigue/strain since I was on the computer all the time for class.

Anyway, I headed off to my drawing studio (where we were stating figure drawing) and made it halfway through the class before I had to run to the restroom. After I was sick and cleaned up I went to my professor to get dismissed for the rest of the day. She had no complaint. I headed over to my mom’s office and she kindly dropped what she was doing to get me home. Then the headache stormed in. For the next twelve hours I had little sense of where I was, let alone who. All I knew was the pressure of pain and the temporary relief of tortured sleep. Finally when dawn woke me the next day I had returned to my normal state with the realization that I had survived my first migraine.

Then I took myself off to the shower so I could get ready for work/class. While getting ready I had a lengthy conversation with myself about how I hope to never have to go through that again. A vain hope, same thing happened two years later, and then again eighteen months after that. However those two times weren’t as bad since I was at least comforted by the knowledge of what was happening. (Even if the who was still a bit of an unknown).


One thought on “Don’t play favorites

  1. I like the way you approached this prompt! Very creative! I’ve never had a migraine but my oldest son has suffered with them since he was in high school. They are so debilitating. The first time he had one, it affected his vision so much that I was scared out of my wits that he was having a stroke. He sees a neurologist and is on 2 preventative meds and also keeps the rescue drug Imitrex at all times. I hope your migraines stay away!!

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