Worst Decor Job…Ever [Daily Prompt]

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear(s). Describe what’s in the room.

Although my answer could be similar to my nightmare it could be so much worse. Picture, if you will, this:

A vast room, so poorly lit and dark you can’t make out the ceiling. The only wall you can see is the one to your back and the floor is buried under an unknown depth of water. There are little pods of ‘land’ throughout the water leading into the room. The pods are covered in all manner of filth, the one I stand on is covered mostly in mold and has the habit of shifting, the pod, not the mold. giant millipedeAlthough that is starting to move too, out of the mold wriggles giant millipedes and after them come the spiders. I can hear the growling of racoons and see them on some pods, prowling back and forth with glowing eyes. On other pods snakes come slithering on and off as they make their way to and from the water. The water itself is so bleak that the bottom is indiscernible, swimming is not an option. The only real option for getting out of the room is to traverse the shifting pods inhabited by snakes, racoons, insects, spiders and what ever fresh terror is held in the darkness.


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