Hitting the [not so] right note

A post not related to a prompt-be still my heart! Anyway, if you recall I did mention in my resolutions’ post about wanting to learn the guitar. Even though it didn’t make it as an ‘official’ resolution I still wanted to attempt it. I was messing around last tonight after ‘learning’ the E minor and A major chords. I like the progression between the two, but something wasn’t quite right. There was a bit of a struggle. If you’d like to experience one minute of my pointless strumming feel free to check out the video (if you have pointers feel free to comment, I’m flying a bit blind here).

You may notice that I do have the guitar flipped the correct way ’round. Apparently my left hand thinks holding chords is easier than my right hand. Whatever, I only played for 10-15 minutes (how long can I strum the same progression before my neighbors take up torches?) and the odd thing is I can still feel something on my fingertips today…so that’s new. There is probably a reason I didn’t stick with band in school, but now that I’m not getting graded for it maybe it will stick. And really, it’s not like you can whip out a trombone and just play for fun in your apartment. That’s really when people start to worry about you (I’d imagine since I don’t plan on testing it).

Until next time ~ Q


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