Condition Blue…

Honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

I don’t do well under pressure. I freeze up and then over react emotionally. I have vague imprints of reacting well when in a jam but I can’t call them to the front of my mind to evaluate them. Readily available are times where I reacted disproportionately poorly with a given stimulus.

Honestly, I can’t recall any real crises I’ve endured. Oh, unless you count accidents, I’ve been in a couple of those. In that given set of circumstances I was able to keep calm until I had an appropriate moment in which I was able to break down. Then I cried and after a few moments of self pity (or shock or whatever) I moved on. I get’s that’s my M.O. Repress/suppress emotions until a time that they can be drudged up and dealt with properly. Until that time I have things to do.

Obviously given my knee-jerk reaction I don’t put pressure and crisis in the same category. Given enough pressure I do not do nearly so well. I think the difference is that a crisis is an isolated incident where as pressure can build up over time, unnoticed, until it just gets to be too much and then there is a volcano of emotion. Obviously volcanoes are rarely good (I can’t think of an instance when an eruption was good but I’m sure there’s been one instance, right?).

All in all I think my crisis reactions are satisfactory for now, I don’t plan on improving them since to do that I’d have to go through them. However if the instances arise I hope I can preform better than I have in the best, there is always room for improvement. I am not happy with my reaction to everyday pressure though, usually I’m able to shrug it off, I just need to find constructive outlets to de-stress at night to ensure residual pressure from the day isn’t carried over into the next day. That way there should be no pressures right?

Maybe I’ve acknowledged this on a subconscious level and that’s why I decided to pick up volleyball and music. Exercise always releases endorphins and is a good release in and of itself. Even playing my piddly chords the last few nights has chilled me right out for bed. It unwinds me more than anything else, especially reading since I get so caught up in what is happening to the character(s) (WHY DID SHE JUST JUMP OFF A BUILDING?!).

So long answer summed up: Yes, I’m happy with how I react in a real crisis. I’m working on being happier for my reaction to everyday ‘crises’.


4 thoughts on “Condition Blue…

  1. I love the point of “All in all I think my crisis reactions are satisfactory for now, I don’t plan on improving them since to do that I’d have to go through them.”! It’s true.. Nobody wants to be in a crisis…
    I freak out, stay calm, freak out and back to calm again.. But this is just on the inside.. On the outside I look cool as ice someone once told me..

    Have a great day 🙂

    • Thanks! Oh, your way sounds good too though. If you can stay composed on the outside amidst freaking out on the inside thats really impressive. It has the added benefit of letting you cope along the way (I’d imagine).

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