Sweet Sixteen [Daily Prompt]

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

I was patiently waiting to turn sixteen. That was really the most important milestone birthday for me. Forget 21 when you can drink legally (didn’t even have a shot on that birthday), like-wise 18 when you can get tattoos or smoke (ditto on the 21, didn’t do either). No, for me 16 was when I could finally drive and since I was on the older side of the bell curve of ages for my friends it was important. With that to look forward to I didn’t think too much about what my future would look like.

As a sophomore (once I actually was sixteen) I was drawn to the more creative extra-curriculars, no basketball practice for this girl. Instead I was swept up into the fine arts and called them home.  Although I have always been thoroughly routed in the present (when I daydream it tends to be more fanciful things, not about the future), I think my sophomore year was the year I envisioned myself being a writer. Not totally surprising since that was the year I had composition. All I could really hope for my future was to continue to be creative and do that with my friends by my side.

Fast forward to today:I am in a creative field where I get to create new things everyday, and although we are hundreds of miles apart my gal pals are still there. So although I’m not a writer I couldn’t be happier in my field. Perhaps the only reason I didn’t envision myself as a designer was because I didn’t even know my field existed. We often can’t imagine the best things for ourselves, it can only be found/realized though time and experience.


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