Dearly Departed or My Failed Attempt at Writing my Eulogy [Daily Prompt]

Jamie lived a happily full live even though it was short. Jamie was a good person; she was the type of girl that stands by you when you need somebody there. Also the kind that would stand by you when you didn’t. She was a bit of an awkward person, but that was one of the great things about her. She just had this way about her. Clumsy, crazy and caring, that was Jamie.

What is it that we remember when we think of Jamie? The way she loved animals a little to much as a kid? Her love of proper meeting etiquette she learned in school? Was it her passion for the performing arts, both as a participant and as an audience member? Certainly her love of literature was known to all, her head was often off in a far-away land, usually several at once. However I think the thing we remember most about Jamie was her optimism and the was she always had a smile ready.

Jamie lived her life in a state of constant good cheer. She was once asked why she was so happy. Her smart-alec response was, ‘should I be sad?’ Later, when I broached the subject with her in a more serious tone she divulged that she felt like she had dodged a bullet when she was a child and so every day she got now was a bit extra. Whatever the reason she never let things get her down and she lived life.

Although death may have caught up with her now she is still in our hearts. We still remember her laughter, her smile and her crazy ideas. She often said ‘It seemed like a good idea at the time’ and once commented that if she died an early death that it would be because of one of those plans. She must have been a tiny bit psychic to have ‘called’ such an event. Surely she thought snowboarding in a snow storm (with no previous experience) would be a good idea, but that was also her. Ever the adventurer. Now she lives the ultimate adventure in the next life and although we will miss her, we find comfort in the knowledge that we will see her again. And she will once again joke and laugh and smile with us then.


Writing a eulogy is difficult, writing your own is impossible. It’s so hard to pick out what others will remember you for and then put it in a positive light. If find solace in that I’ll never have to do this ‘for real’ and however morbid when I die the burden will fall on another person’s shoulder. (Sorry, in advanced, to whoever that will be).  Thanks DP for making me face my morality.


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