Spacemen [LEOB]

The invasion was slow, no one seemed to notice it happening. At first when my son said he saw a weird man standing outside school I was worried it was a snatcher. If only. It started in schools and in printed media.  Words on the page started getting  further  and  further  apart.  Editors  were  fired  on  mass,  as  were  English   teachers .   No   one   could   quite   account   for   it .   Why   was   this   happening ?   Files   were   checked   and    triple    checked  –  nothing .    Then    animals    started    spreading    out .    A    mother    bird    dropped    a    worm    for    her    babies    as    far    from    them    as    the    nest    would    allow  .

When    it    happened    to    humans    the    situation    could    not    be   ignored  .    I    went    to    hug    my    son    goodbye    as    he    left    for    school    and    where    our    skin    met    was    struck    with    a    blinding    pain  .    As    soon    as    I    let    him    go    the    pain    dispersed    leaving    no    trace  .    Alarmed    I    looked    around    and    there    he    was  .    I    nearly    forgot    the    being  ,    I    suppose    you  ‘  d    call    him    a    man  ,    as    soon    as    I    looked    away  .    He    was    so    vacant    I  ‘  d    be    hard    pressed    to    describe    him.

In    time  ,    even    standing    next    to    my    family    caused    me    pain  .    I    regret    to    say    I    was    not    strong    enough    to    stay    and    endure    the    pain  .    Instead    I    joined    up  .    I  ‘  m    no    longer    a    mother  ,    oh    no  ,    now    I  ‘  m    a    solider    against    the    spacemen  .


I’ve been on league hiatus, but am anxious to see where these prompts are leading. Will be catching up with spies and cowboys later this week/next week (or will try to at least).

Below is a random sampling of how other league members responded to the prompt “Spacemen” or click to see the original post here.

Upon reflection, given my love of Doctor Who, I can’t believe I didn’t write about that. So as a parting shot here is a clip of the Doctor really being a spaceman…even though I think of Donna Noble in regards to saying Spaceman ie “Oi, watch it spaceman!


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