The Sight of Nothingness

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

I live in a small town, one that in the winter at seven in the morning isn’t out and about. However that isn’t a truly fair assessment because A) I’m obviously staying inside and B) my window overlooks an alley way and I’m quite comfortable with people not treating it like grand central station. What I did observe in the predawn darkness was potential. My building is taller than the one next to us, however the one next to us is only about three to four feet lower than my window, making it feasible for me to access through my window. How fun would it be (for me) to be able to look out my window and rather than seeing the graffiti (the word walrus for whatever reason) I would get to see a mini roof-top garden. As I looked out today and only observed a few pipes and something that looked like an Imperial Soldier’s helmet I realized there are very few things standing in my way. Obviously I wouldn’t put a ton of stuff out there, since I have seen people walking up there. A couple planters in lieu of window boxes will do nicely though. Now to research what plants can survive full sun for eight hours as well as Iowa heat/humidity. What a fun challenge.


9 thoughts on “The Sight of Nothingness

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