LOEB (late entry): Spies

Two tings come to mind straight away when I think of spies

1. running around as a child flattening myself up against a wall and holding my hands like a gun2. my sister’s ‘Agent name’: Baria Rice

Who didn’t play spies as a kid? It was a quintessential game to dart around the house, slamming into walls near the door, negating any good the stealthy walking did. JamesBondThen there was also James Bond, I remember watching Dr. No and Goldfinger as a kid. How suave and debonair Sir Connery was (and let’s be honest, is). So I guess there are three things that come to mind when I think of spies

3. James Bond (specifically Sean Connery).

Everyone in the league had great ideas for this subject. The complete wrap up can be at the League’s main post here.

Some members remember the gear (read toys) most, such as Fortune and Glory Days, Infinite Hollywood, That Figures, Random Toy Reviews, Cool and Collected and Crooked Ninja. Others remember the characters Rediscover the 80s and Team Hellions did a recap of the danger dames of spydom. While some recall the movies like AEIOU and sometimes Why and ShezCrafti,

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