Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

“Kimmy!” The terse voice broke past the headphones.

“Huh?,” I asked, removing the buds, “what’s up?”

My sister sighed, steadying her breath, “I’ve been calling your name for five minutes.”

“Oh, sorry.”

“Yeah yeah,” she spat rolling her eyes, “where is Oscar?”

“Your cat?”

“No, the grouch. Yes my cat.”

“I don’t know, where did you leave him.”

“He’s not a book, he wont stay where I left him!”

“Well I don’t know, he is suppose to be in the basement if he’s not outside. Why don’t you check there.”

“I have.”

“Well I don’t know what you expect me to do, pull him out of a hat?”

“Whatever,” she huffed as she slammed the door.

As soon as the coast was clear the aforementioned orange puff jumped onto the bed. Absently I began to scratch his chin. I placed the ear buds back in and closed my eyes as I got back to my story. The comforting weight of the feline on my stomach combined with his rumbling purr soon lulled me into a catnap of my own.


This is my quick attempt at a metaphor (or would it be allegory?). In which the cat is my phone, the sister the person trying to call (I suppose) and me…well that’s just me. I never really know where my phone is. I always tell myself I’ll put it in it’s little holder when I’m at home but more often then not it gets left in my coat pocket…on vibrate. Ensuring I don’t get anything until I go to bed and remember to check it. It’s nice if I have it with me, but I’m not going to die without it. There are days where it just lives at home left under my pillow for that matter, not even making it the 2 minute walk to work.

Fun prompt, check out original post here.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me, I’ll Call You

  1. amedicstudent says:

    I know that allegory is when you use characters in a story to represent larger concepts or ideas, and metaphors are sort of figures of speech or I guess ‘small scale’ allegories where you describe an object by comparing it to be another object. I think since you are just using a cat and person to allude to an object and different person, I would consider that a ‘metallegory’ as it’s sort of somewhere in between? It’s sort of weightier than a metaphor but not quite an allegory. This is where you need an English teacher…

    Anyway that’s just my two cents, loved the witty little story though!

    • Ha ha, that’s where I was. I knew it wasn’t ‘big’ enough to quite be allegory but it felt like more then a metaphor. I really like the concept of metallegory. No teacher’s needed. We’ve (you’ve) figured it out!

  2. As a phoneaholic I am impressed with your reserve or do I mean absent mindedness. I wish I had the same reserve, but I sold my store to the app store and have yet to get a refund.

    • I wish I could find a balance. Perhaps not on it 24/7 but at least no where it is 16/7 (I don’t really care where it roams to while I sleep).

      Also I hear they are swapping somewhat careless at grabbing the right soul when they refund…if your refund ever goes through be sure to double check it’s yours.

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