Complete the Adventure

You choose the adventure. What will happen next? LOVE this idea from DP.


I tried my best to wrestle out of his grip as he threw me into the car. Quickly he tied my belt so I couldn’t undo it before he got to the drivers seat. We peeled out and the ruckus behind us was gone. Fuming I glared at my rescuer.

“What,” he stated, not really caring one way or the other as he swerved in and out of lanes.

“Take me back,” I said flatly.

Scoffing he spat, “Yeah that is not going to happen.”

“I’m serious Mikael.”

“So am I Rina.”

“I need to know where he is being held.”

“And what use will you be to him when you are a bloody pulp?”

“They were telling me everything I needed while they beat me.”


We drove in complete silence for half an hour. The sound of road and rubber slowly ebbed my anger away and I began to wipe the blood from my face. Without truly acknowledging what I was doing Mikael flipped open the glove box to reveal baby wipes and bandages. I dropped the mirror and butterflied my eyebrow back together and did what I could for my swollen eye. As I replaced all the items I noticed the gun and knives in the box. Duplicates of the ones I had lost back at warehouse. The car slowed and the grounding of gravel started in. Looking up I saw a long drive that ended in a mansion. Mikael finally met my eyes raising his eyebrow.

Whispering I finally broke the silence of the car, “You may want to leave, you wont like what I’m about to do.”


What happens next? You decide, leave a comment on what (in your head) happens next.


12 thoughts on “Complete the Adventure

  1. Re-provisioned, Rina is going to commandeer the car, with or without Mikael’s permission, and turn around so she can get the rest of the information she needs. Having her return so quickly after she had just escaped (been rescued) is the last thing they would expect.

  2. “The reason I got you away is so that there would be enough of you left to finish the job,” Mikael said. “Rudolf sent this ten minutes ago.” It was my smart phone. I had no idea it was separated from me, but was a little busy what with the beating I took.

    On the phone was a picture from a place I knew very well. My son was being held in the mansion at the end of this road. I jerked the firearm out and checked the clip. It was full and three more hid under the gun beside the two knives. My training assured me it would be enough.

    “I cannot go with you,” Mikael said.

    “I know.”

    He stood beside the car as I settled into the seat. I smiled and stomped the accelerator, anxious to finish this horrible episode.

    The entrance ot the mansion was guarded, but they were easy prey. I shot twice and two men sprawled on the white granite steps. Through the door I charged, with the weapon ready and my eyes wide with anticipation. I knew there was only six men here. LeGrande never had more. He never felt the need.

    By the third floor I knew only LeGrande and his number one, Perry Lane remained. I should feel some remorse for the lives I ended, but they had my son. A mother would do anything for her child. That was where LeGrande made his biggest mistake.

    In the movies there is always this big exchange between the bad guys and the hero or heroine. Well I blew that too. When I saw LeGrande with his hands on my kid I found it very easy to take him down. Perry lane too. I hate the person my job made me into, but not if it meant Tyler was safe.

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