Is this real life?

She turned around, gingerly, and cast her eyes upon the woman in white. Not in all of her time stalking the supernatural did she ever conceive the notion that one would strike so close to home. The woman, although dressed in white as was the standard, also had a deep stain in her dress. The stain was freshly supplied as blood continually flowed from the open wound around the woman’s neck. The girl was frozen. She had the rock salt ready, and the book of resting as well but she couldn’t bring herself to use either one. The woman wore a look of both immense sadness and, oddly enough, joy. Not moving towards the girl even a fraction, the woman raised her hand up, wanting to touch the girl’s face. Deciphering this the girl was released from her frozen state and walked towards the woman, millimeter by millimeter. Once she finally closed the distance between them the spirit caressed her cheek. As, for the first time, the girl was held by her mother.


What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

I know I’ve been in a moment where I couldn’t believe it was actually happening, but the memory wont surface. On the list might be at the first wedding of one of my high school friends. As it happens more and more it seems natural, but their is something somewhat jolting about the first one. However that could be majorly influenced by the who of the matter, more so than the what. The first to get married were a couple of guys that never really dated in school (they had back-to-back weddings on following weekends). Although I don’t know who I would have chosen to be the first to wed of my friends, it’s always a fun game to play amongst ourselves (my friends and I). To try and guess who will be the next to get married. Another contender would be going to funerals. I am quite fortunate to have not have gone to many in my lifetime, but perhaps that makes it all the harder. To consolidate the memory of how alive someone was mere days before with the fact that all that remains is their body is difficult to say the least. In short you can find surreal moments in even the most normal life events. Like this kid, who had issues at the dentist.


8 thoughts on “Is this real life?

  1. Funerals are a very surreal experience for me as well… I haven’t been able to wrap my head around death yet, and therefore the whole experience of losing a loved one and attending a funeral always makes me feel slightly off, like I shouldn’t be there, like it shouldn’t be happening, like if I closed my eyes tight enough I could wish myself awake from a horrible nightmare.

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