Cupid’s Arrow – A ‘Haiku’

A Haiku-ish Poem for Valentine’s day

Cupid’s false arrow
(influenced by the imp, Puck)
struck the wrong lovers.

Oh what missed events
did occur between such fools
that false love did make!

Can time please rewind?
Undo this deed of dear Puck,
who had idle hands.

Return each lover
to the mortal that will make
each true heart complete.


More entries for this holiday at the DP’s original post here.

Haikoodle33Although I was suppose to write an ode to something I love, I like to write haikoodles. What is a haikoodle you ask? It’s a haiku-doodle combination. I use to do them a lot. Quick little haikus with a coordinating doodle. As you can see (from the random sampling) they don’t follow the usual nature theme that haikus are suppose to. UntitledI focus entirely on the 5-7-5 rhyme scheme. Not surprising there is a Sherlock themed one, or one that refers to the rainbow wheel of death. I love my mac but nothing is so big of a slap to the face as that icon. Untitled


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