The world is infinitely stranger than anything the mind of man can invent…

But what about the subconscious? Conan Doyle said that the world is infinitely stranger, but doesn’t the subconscious take what it sees from the world, twist it and spew it into the mind in the form a Freudian slips and dreams? That’s for philosophers, psychiatrists and people who may be bored to debate.

As for me I’ve had a rather weird dream (nightmare really) recently.

Sadly it’s really really fuzzy but here are the few bits I can recall:
I was in an unknown house/neighborhood and I was there for the night. The house was actually inhabited by five different spirits and I couldn’t escape the house. Not all were malevolent, but for some reason two kept coming after me. I remember when I woke up (in real life) I was being corneredgoldfish by two. I forgot the first one but the second one shook me more for some reason. It was a giant gold fish that gave of light. It projected a blue atmosphere that looked like light shining in the water. If the gold fish’s beam touched you something terrible happened to you and he couldn’t be stopped by any ‘normal’ means (he could cross salt and iron since he was swimming through the air). I woke up from this dream at three in the morning and had to stay awake until 9 am before trying to sleep again. During that nap I had a second jolting nightmare so I gave up on sleep for that day.

What do I think this means? I have no idea. I have a thing about water where I can’t see the bottom, but I could clearly see through the ‘water’ the fish was projecting to see the monstrosity. Besides that I don’t know why the only corporeal form I’d remember from that nightmare was a giant innocent looking fish. Perhaps that’s why I remember it. The fish was the only source of light in that dream and it was the thing I was running from the most? If anyone has any suggestions on what that means feel free to share because I am not very good at interpreting dreams.

As a side note has anyone had a dream where someone touched them in a dream (hand on the shoulder, pat on the back for doing a good job, the like) and you could still feel it when you woke up? Just wondering if I’m alone in that.


15 thoughts on “The world is infinitely stranger than anything the mind of man can invent…

  1. zulheldimz says:

    yaaw… Nongol skilas … Lagi mnghayati mimpi barusan , andai mimpi jadi kenyataan tentu nya hidup seperti mimpi, tapi aku gak mau ah . lebih baik hidup ini berjalan seperti apa adanya.

  2. There is a school of thought which claims that the symbols appearing in our dreams are specific and pertinent to only us. I learned to pay more attention to my surroundings while awake to see where these details I dreamed of began to surface. Then again, I have often had clairvoyant dreams and still do.

    Your dream transcribed seems beautiful to me, but I believe you when you say it was frightening to you. I have had disturbing dreams that when I reflected upon them they were actually rather breathtaking and stunning. Not to say they were always beautiful, but they weren’t as scary because I began to see something else in them.

    To answer your question: yes, I have had those dreams when I was left with the residual sensory experiences even after I had awoken.

  3. I’ve definitely had dreams where I felt someone touch me and could still feel it when I woke up. I can recall one very vivid dream where I woke up mid-hug and sensed the touch even after I awoke.

  4. I used to dream about tornados coming. In the dream they never arrived, but seeing them coming scared me. Although I was traumatized as a child by a nasty, no evil, tornado, I mostly dreamt of tornados when I was upset about something my mother was or wasn’t doing. I think the goldfish likely represented something to you. If it reoccurs. you could make notice of things trouble at the time to see if there is a connection.

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