Control Z Uggs, Please

If you could un-invent something, what would it be? Discuss why, potential repercussions, or a possible alternative.

Easy. Uggs. On paper, Uggs make sense I suppose. Boots with super soft thermal-ness on the inside. However I feel like those who ended up using Uggs were not the people who needed them.

For me the theoretical area that would find this particular footwear desirable would be people who live in areas where the latitude is between 40-90 and the Earth is pointing away during that particular season. The actuality (of my observations) were people wearing these boots with shorts in summer. Clearly these individuals missed the point. Not to say that some wore them appropriately. I have some cousins up north that wore/wear Uggs. I don’t begrudge them wearing them ever because they follow the ‘rules’. They wear them with pants, in winter and we live in Iowa (which has a latitude of 42).

What repercussions would this have caused if Uggs weren’t around? Well since fads tend to cycle around (as exhibited by the resurgence of 80s fashion and now we’re edging back into 90s) perhaps platform shoes would have been in vogue again, or jellies. Oh, better yet, platform jellies. There’s a twisted ankle begging to happen.

To be fair, I never owned Uggs. I didn’t need them, I’m a chucks/toms girl at heart. So I do not fully understand the comfort that these shoes inflict on the wearer. I’m sure people had/have an excellent reason for wearing heat inducing shoes when it was hot out. I may be judging unfairly, like Harry Potter. At first I was against it (probably because I hated reading at the time and I was sick of not understanding why my friends were talking about Muggles), and then I read it. Now I think ten year old me was a major nimrod.


18 thoughts on “Control Z Uggs, Please

  1. As an Australian, I have to defend the Ugg boot. We are a resourceful bunch and invented them to have a re-use for the skin/wool of the lamb. That is after we have eaten the lamb chops for dinner. 🙂 D 34

  2. I am so torn on the Ugg issue. They really are quite ugly and look absurd when people wear them in the summer (or winter) with shorts/miniskirts, but they are just so warm. I hated on them for years until I moved to NYC. After one winter month of permanently cold feet, I caved and bought a pair. Now I can’t imagine winter without them!

  3. I don’t get Uggs either. Your last line about not reading Harry Potter is totally relate-able to me. I was the same way and I want to go back in time and force myself to read them when they were coming out. So good!!

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